How medical website optimization ranking in Shanghai current situation

‘s current medical website can say that almost all web design is similar, so it is easy to cause the user fatigue and patients with lower conversion rate. More importantly, even the website contents are copied to copy the title, serious ray assimilation, nothing new. The content is already in love Shanghai search engine database there are tens of thousands of times, such a natural repetitive content website cannot be search engine a love lock.

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search engine algorithm update, many industry websites are subjected to different attack, especially in the medical website for more. A hospital site is love altitude hair, disappear from the search engine, but also has a lot of medical sites were not restored to trace. So to love Shanghai serious pressure on the medical website, the hospital should do their own love Shanghai ranked

and the real user experience is the object of our concern, only the user experience is good, first you website to get the trust of patients, in order to produce to diagnosis. To solve the needs of users, so users have more problems, it.

in the present situation, design the layout of the medical website, and later updated, must be changed to seek differences before, constantly add search engine what has never been to the search engine, fresh. At the same time also does not provide the same ever content for users, users will naturally love your website. As long as the search engine and users love your site, so your site can long survive.

two, the user experience is the core of

Wang Kaixin since entering the Shanghai dragon industry, most of the time on study in the medical website, although the period I am responsible for the several medical websites also suffered a love Shanghai right down, but still there are several web sites have been ranked in the Shanghai love home, love Shanghai has never been interference algorithm. The reason is that I love Shanghai after seeing the update algorithm, timely adjustment of the optimization methods and their promotion methods, to make their own medical sites from being down the right punishment. Here I share how I do the medical website ranking thinking share.

, the difference is king

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a website what is the most important? What is the user experience, regardless of your website design no matter how beautiful, how again the original content, not a good user experience, so your site will not be a successful web site. In fact, the user experience can be divided into the search engine user experience and real user experience two. The search engine in the index of your web site, in fact, it is just an ordinary user, how to let it fall in love with your station? This requires us to carefully study, if your content is just as a search engine and there is no real solution to the user’s needs? Or your article the content is original, but not related to your site and theme, these are the people to consider the search engine user experience.

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