Talk about web design to avoid the search engine spider unfriendly place

  1, VIP landing site settings

has a lot of friends website, use website love jump function, in fact, the search engine spider climb to our site.

3, website jump

2, flash animation picture of the problem

production site, the pursuit of website beautiful, beautiful, good, a beautiful picture, see the customer, heart is very comfortable, leave a good impression. However, beautiful pictures, use a large number of flash animation picture, give people a visual impact, however, using too many flash pictures, the spider is not love. Flash, why is a spider is not love, in fact, this problem is very simple, we have not found the flash on our website, it is to generate a string of gibberish, and this string is garbled search engines can not identify, so when the spider crawling to the pile of garbage, spider the website will feel unsafe, not even feel the station news value information, so directly out of site, so the optimization do not included bad websites and flash is basically a certain relationship, I suggest not to use flash, we can use GIF format images to replace the flash dynamic picture to the client, if we must use the flash to complete the effect, so we can use, but not too much, a spider web site has no value information.

Some of my friends

site of many friends, to let others set the VIP after landing at the post, set up the case, although the good content to improve the Forum on the inside, but to the search engine, is to set up a big obstacle, let the spider can not enter, that is to say the spider is unable to see inside information. We think about it, if you set the mandatory landing, so the spider will come to your website, you can automatically register to become a member? It is not a spider man, it is a program, we are not so clever, it will not be registered, will not go into the inside of the collection of information. This is not to find ourselves in trouble, so we think carefully, do not set the VIP landing.

    make friends, love to discuss how to optimize the site of good, the website is our friend, love the topic of discussion, especially discuss what is "spider", which is a cute things, many webmaster, trying to attract spider spider, like a beggar like to see beauty, non look, master, in order to attract spider, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea recount, everyone, the trick is used out, let the spider to your own website to lie, this is not afraid, the more the better, we are hard to attract the spider, but some things, spider is not love, use. We try to avoid the spider unfriendly place, here to talk about personal thoughts, opinions.


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