The chain for the emperor of the era of how to build the most effective chain

10, the chain construction process should be gradual, the number of make every hair of the chain, do the number after tomorrow, and not a do too much the chain;

6. a lot of people do when the chain is confined to the home page, in fact, this is not appropriate, in addition to the home page of the chain will be the directory page and the article page reasonable construction;

5. in the body of the chain distribution of the anchor text must be natural, if multiple anchor text, try not to do a certain keyword;

patient is the only proper course to take the construction of the chain, must do the quality of the chain than the number of


2. with their own website with the related website chain, this is very important, if your site is do the car, there is no much sense so you go to the clothing site in the chain;

9. if the quality and stability of the Links is the best, but friendship is risky, less careless touch the black chain or being hurt down right even K station;

1. must not use black hat cheating and the construction of the chain, the chain must be manual construction, the construction must be close to nature;

11. when the purchase of the chain to "match", a tractor with Boeing 747 engine will start once the tractor fall apart, the same one, the weights of the website if there is too much the chain high weight, the search engine will think that you are cheating in the purchase link,

although we often hear the role in the chain of Shanghai dragon in getting smaller, but there is still the chain for the emperor of the times, the quality of the chain can not only improve the site weight and ranking, can make the website of the amount collected is greatly increased. Needless to say, the chain from the webmaster friends every day will go to the forum and promotion forum are linked to the sale of advertising will be able to know the importance of the chain. Just buy the high quality of the chain is good, stable, easy to buy, but the chain is a bottomless pit, if one day break, what kind of impact on the website of the Shanghai dragon who is to say. The egg cannot be put in a basket, in the purchase of the quality of the chain at the same time, it also needs to build the chain, how to build the chain operation is the most effective

3. chain is added in the best text, but should be reasonable, not hard in the chain;

7. the construction of the chain must be diversified, not all of the chain from a website only, should include blogs, news sites, websites and other media;


4. do text outside the chain, try to do a picture outside the chain, the choice to do the best is the chain page static page;

12. a decided in construction site outside the chain before some outbound links check whether the website "nofollow" label, if don’t have to do, because love Shanghai explicitly announced support for "nof>

8. ?

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