The 24 day the new strong performance analysis

in a week, all of the web site keywords are arranged to the home page (because the keywords are not fierce competition), only one love Shanghai index in the more than 100 row in the second page. But the wood and no new thing, love Shanghai dizzy with success,


then the station for the update from the pseudo original to the original, the chain number is maintained in every 10 or so, for those high weight forum to do some hyperlink and anchor text (method about forum link can refer to the wood in the A5 submission < who said the forum outside the chain is not good to do five strokes teach you fun forum >). But three days later, still continue to be included, a duck’s egg

but not willing to ah, how to do? This time a thought method of drainage had ever seen a. Thinking, if the website traffic has a big change, should be able to cause the attention of Shanghai love! Operations begin, because the site included page is zero, not from the words of "

with some personal webmaster exchange, found that many webmaster reaction recently love Shanghai fan badly, some new sites are difficult to be collected, some two or three months, new sites included is zero. Also some Adsense station for more than a year, leaving a home now! Are relieved to let the wood wood, don’t try to maintain, update, continued steady growth in the high quality of the chain can be


friend bought a new domain name in the first half of a generation of graduation design website is designed for those that play games ah, talk about your girlfriend or other reasons not to do graduate design students to their service, ah, the students now! The topic Cheyuan, return to the topic. The site launched in March 1st, and then let me help him to optimize! Today is March 24th, the past 23 days, the site is included, has been recovered, after some agonizing, today finally released all the home page, and have good keywords ranking


to tell you the truth, the wood really didn’t give a new optimization. Because the site has been produced, the content also filled up is very simple, from the perspective of optimization, to the site to re set the title, keywords and description, and then update the 2 original articles, do a few outside the chain, to love Shanghai referred to the site, on the same day he was included in Shanghai love. Then is to keep the regular update and the chain.

! You know!

indeed, in March 13th, was only included the home page of the site is determined by back to zero, included. Then the normal wood stand inside and outside the chain update release, but four or five days later, the home is still not released! This time really anxious, although know that no cheating optimization measures, or to seriously check all the possibility of K, finally came to the conclusion that the website everything is normal. Just because of the new station, still in love in Shanghai.


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