The 6 day Shanghai first sprocket operation large exposure

today my friend let me help you analyze a website, collected and the chain is not too much. Have a front page three mostly home page ranking keywords, in just six days to Shanghai first love. This is not love, more strange is Shanghai snapshot was not home path but a strange path, but the content and the front page as like as two peas. The Xi’an daily network as we analysis the site operating practices. The website ranking schedule as shown in the figure, the line on the website for fourteenth days, ranking is not very good but there have been a source of traffic. The line on the website for sixteenth days straight up the beloved keyword ranking first in Shanghai.

give you analyze this website operation now, there is no doubt that this site first is the use of black hat. It is used in a blog chain form, interested friends can see the connection with the blog chain of this website, click to enter will discover the mystery. But if you want to get good rankings in such a short period of time, only the use of ordinary sprocket is not enough, this site is used in 3, 3, 2, 1 Multi Chain model. Friends often play the sprocket must know the sprocket model determines the site of life and death and what is the effect of the rankings, 3, 3, 2, 1 wheel model, see next time.

any seemingly magical sites are behind the track. For example, a few months before the Shanghai dragon myth in the "rain" but is also the dual role of mass Links cheating and sprocket, the word Shanghai dragon home. So, we should not blindly worship what master and master, long-term development is small except webmaster should certainly consider special industries. Interested friends can communicate with each other above 3, 3, 2, 1 wheel model.



this site outside the chain and the anchor text point to the home page path, but not get ranked home. Seems very mysterious, in fact, is the use of a consistent cheating 302 weight temporary jump, like this website basically is to obtain short-term rankings for the strategy so we do not consider the life cycle, Mengliao can.


The following

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