The new station should not prevent excessive optimization into love Shanghai sandbox

So what is the new

first for the website not included not updated snapshot site right down to these problems by some methods to recover slowly, such as the website not included not updated snapshot can improve the quality of complaints as long as a lot of foreign love Shanghai snapshot, add some high quality the chain, or how to exchange some high quality friendship chain will be solved. Even if the site is in love with the sea K off, as long as you find the site is related cause of K, then put the problem solved well by the website optimization, love Shanghai nature will soon recover from.

so when we do the new on-line optimization of this period of time should not transition, Shanghai recently found love in the two months for the new station.

this time to do some station, now some of the earliest station has been more than two months, but the ranking is not the best love Shanghai, love Shanghai is more into the sandbox. Also analyzed the situation from these sites, of course, also summarizes some reasons to love Shanghai into the sandbox, share, to remind you do stand in to avoid excessive optimization, prevent the entry of love Shanghai sandbox.

how to judge a site into the sandbox love Shanghai? This site as I said above, also is a very common enterprise station, enterprise competitive website keywords is also very common small love Shanghai index less than 100 keywords, but although these seemingly very good on the keywords in the site two a month later although love Shanghai also update website snapshot also included the contents of the site, but the site keywords in love Shanghai normal search could not find this website, some of the main keywords regardless of heat index is low, no matter how the website title upsets are not search the site exists! This is the love of Shanghai your site is similar in the "prison", in the absence of "sentence" before the end of the site must not appear in the normal search.

excessive optimization? How is it going to be in love Shanghai sandbox? Must do optimization webmaster do know the love of Shanghai. Because of love of Shanghai in order to prevent some website cheat to get ranked on the site of a punishment, such as not included on the website is not updated snapshot, right down the website as well as a series of K station in Shanghai should count into love and sandbox is the most serious is the most difficult to restore.

but the site into the sandbox is love Shanghai and above is not the same, of course, want to recover is not so simple. For example, an analysis of a station on the line at the beginning of the September, the line after the beginning of love in Shanghai two weeks later began to slowly and has been included in the website, is a snapshot of the time, Shanghai will update the update snapshot until the monthly or weekly love, also included just a few included. Of course, the quality of these sites and are inseparable, such as after my website launch mass outside the chain of many forums and content of the article has been collecting these are directly led to the decline in the quality of your web site and then naturally also entered the sandbox love Shanghai.

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