New directions mage Optimization Website Optimization

Now the search engine with ?

first, we must understand the details of image optimization where

?1, the picture quality is

images in addition to the home page and column page "to enhance the display effect and the images, for Shanghai dragon Optimization Website Ranking to picture how the placement of

3, picture display. Many of my friends have encountered, it is to upload pictures, and display picture location is still "X", the picture can not show the normal reason except the speed and space reasons there may be permission picture path. We add a picture of the purpose is to improve the user experience, if the image cannot be displayed properly, it can backfire. Another detail website pictures in optimization is to ensure the normal picture display, when we will upload pictures after, we must pay attention to whether the normal monitoring picture display.


2, the ALT attribute. The ALT label specifically for picture notes, its main role is in the picture can not display the case to the user that the intention of the picture to express. To note here is that the notes should not be too long a ALT label, Shanghai dragon Er can add keywords but can not influence the description of the picture, the language should be concise, try to keep within 10 characters.

then, we know how to add subtle pictures on the website, complete pages and improve the quality of site.

function expansion, now has the ability to take pictures, so the website optimization, we have a kind of optimization direction, has added a new member based optimization. The today and the author Dennis to analyze how to optimize the picture now we do the

. The website pictures whether to attract the user’s pictures in the page "decoration" images or content, to clear. No resolution is too high, but must be able to clearly show the user size in conjunction with the whole web page, to ensure that the images to be placed to a proper extent which conforms to the overall site organization, visual bias does not appear.

1, the illustrations add pictures. The most suitable for the optimization of the picture position is the content page, the user’s perspective of diversified media raised a notch, simple text is boring, it is difficult to cause the user’s desire to read, but what about the stay and guide click. Add in the text in the picture will be improved, brighten effect, enhance the reading interest, reasonable picture, will allow readers to share the article, this gives the site accumulated flow.

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image is an important component of the website, pictures, text and other diversified elements, Flash website to get extra points in the user’s visual experience will. For the website optimization, website optimization is not essential for some elements, because some elements can not be search engine recognition and grasp and even affect the website of Shanghai dragon.

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