How to make the site a month has ranked keywords

for a web site for the article is very important, this article determines the quality of the web site of the weight lifting time and trust, especially to eliminate the phenomenon of empty sites, many columns are not articles will be search engine evaluation. You talk of the update method is based on the pseudo original articles.


, a site location

station must first locate a good site, you can provide what kind of service, which can provide content to the user, because it is closely related with the keyword selection and layout, it is the website chat dedecms positioned dedecms CMS service, such as template under load, the design of the CMS template, and provide CMS tutorial and related news for users, so there is a clear idea can be a very good selection of keywords, and according to the demand of competitive keywords and one layout, the layout of the site keywords that directly affect the late keywords ranking. Keywords layout should be from top to bottom, from primary to secondary one to expand, first from the website of tiele, the website keywords summarized the whole content on the title, and the description is most important of the site and to provide users with services, the next step is the navigation key layout, this range is relatively large, it is a generalization of a site, relative to the website title range is relatively wide, the classification should be reasonable good keywords for each column, the next is the page keyword layout, should focus on the layout of the content in the home, some of the secondary distribution to a less conspicuous place or that is the inside pages (so is the layout of the column page), the last is the content of the layout, the layout of the content elements can be found in the following. This will be a very good website together, from here, not only in line with the Shanghai dragon and very consistent with the user’s browsing reading. Keywords general layout is divided into: layout, title layout, navigation layout, the layout of the home page.

ranking is not very good, but in just one month to do, personally think that is very good, here to share the experience according to their operation:

Hello, I am a Liaoba, today for the first time to the side of the text, mainly about a person standing of their own experience to share, although not write what good literary talent, but it is written based on its operation. Site optimization is very important for every website, the last to see a webmaster said a word: "do not optimize the website like a child does not support", a very appropriate analogy, ADO, enter the theme: how do I get the site key words a month have ranking, first to show a ranking of your site Keywords:

The accuracy of

two, good article update method

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