How to obtain high conversion rate by optimizing the long tail word

first, introduces the concept of the long tail word. Because a lot of industry websites have the professional terminology, the author here just to own understanding and grasp for the site of the long tail word and we briefly explain the long tail word is the needs of users to search after the expansion in the main or auxiliary keyword based on keywords. Obvious words or sentences, I personally understand for the optimization of long tail the word is so small because long competition optimization difficulty is low, ranking quickly, but also bring a lot of valuable and accurate traffic to your site.

second, why should we optimize the site optimization of the long tail word? Tangyu travel to do long tail keywords are the main reasons: we can spend a little time to optimize the first optimization difficulty is relatively low in the above, imagine many industry giants have adopted this core word main keywords to optimize the hot spring valley soup if we blindly adopt the main keywords the competition and the other is bound to increase the difficulty of optimization. The main or site conversion rate, search the target more determined, such as search Tangyu hot ticket how much money it needs obviously long tail word is in order to buy tickets.

The author here mainly to the

long tail word small and quasi is the main reason for our choice, if a long tail word to bring 10 IP imagine 100 long tail word to bring traffic is very substantial, the key is how to excavate the problems specific to the second mining a long tail word above many competitors websites are ten long term care we just hit a false. I think that only one search words can do grow tail keywords, although >

website for example: their Tangyu Spa a kind of hot spring industry website has many categories, one is a local news station Tangyu, another is similar to the author that directly in ticket sales as the core of the enterprise sales website, keywords I do is Tangyu spa, it the long tail word is extended from what does, for example, where is the number of Tangyu spa spa? Tangyu price? What spring driving circuit is Tangyu? So these can be called the long tail keywords of our site, mainly because he is the most obvious characteristic, strong user demand, high accuracy, so the transaction it is no doubt that the conversion rate of. In fact, the word as a subject to Tangyu spa we can extend many keywords, such as: Xi’an Lantian Tangyu spa in what place? How does Hanzhoung go to Lantian which is around Xi’an Tangyu? Spa? Etc. all these can be the long tail key word site.

as everyone knows, website optimization is of extraordinary significance in the process of the long tail word for the website to enhance the conversion rate, many users have obvious demand words are often formed by long term, the author thinks that we should not only pay attention to the key words performance because the website conversion rate is what we need to pay attention to what has been in when the website optimization, here is our long tail optimization undoubtedly bear the brunt of optimization traffic sources must firmly grasp the details of the process, good gossip continued through the following short and detailed analysis.

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