Guizhou enterprise website once Shanghai Longfeng optimization skills beyond the opponent


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and blog platform shops, using advanced command (for example: intitle intitle: key words: blog and inurl (in>): Path

then stood up on the user’s point of view. The content of the website is the soul of the website, as a webmaster for website content must be very good planning, of course, this content not only refers to the text content, the website refers to the core of all modules in home for example, the user may for the website news content, product module, customer case, message consultation module is concerned as a webmaster, but we must understand the important degree of the order of these modules, through reasonable integration, allowing users more clear.

There are many platforms like

due to the popularity of the Internet, now each industry to do the competition itself is relatively large, in order to get good rankings, we are working hard, so you need to set up barriers to competition. Through the establishment of barriers to competition, to constantly improve themselves and widen the gap with competitors, let oneself advantage more stable.

user demand is changing, as a webmaster we had to go through a variety of channels on the analysis of website traffic, website, PV, UV etc. the bounce rate. The content of the website will be enriched, satisfy the needs of all levels of customer needs, meet customer needs is the premise of content creation.

if you think after keywords ranking up Everything will be fine., you can relax, light of heart from care, you’re wrong. Because of your ranking to the top five, it means that more people will pay attention to your site. There are many competitors, their website optimization is not up, will think of a way to make your site down. Such as the purchase of software flow to click on your website, or please you to stop some black hacker malicious behavior. As the saying goes: "people can not have the heart, the heart of man is not" as keywords to obtain the ideal ranking, there are a lot of work you need to do. A little attention, the ranking will drop, although this is a normal phenomenon, but after all the rankings off mental. So you need to do first is common, and often do, do what, now still do what.

second: the user needs analysis and the content of the website ranking

third: Registration Platform, blog or platform to build resource barrier

The first point:

with more intelligent love Shanghai algorithm, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization has become more and more difficult. For easy optimization on site how to maintain a good website of Shanghai Longfeng rankings. As the saying goes: it is easy to attack and hard to defend, a lot of things like the Shanghai Dragon City, keywords ranking is also like this, so in the case of a good keywords ranking, website optimization operation of Shanghai Longfeng rivals Guizhou high once network skills? That can be operated from the following points:


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