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if you are in a certain period of time, to a bottle filled with 9 liters of water, but soon full not full >

dream weaving administrator of the family of [贵族宝贝dedeadmin贵族宝贝] from the end of August last year on the line so far, search engine punishment three times, one of which is the first time, it is because the chain growth rate too fast, I often contribute in various webmaster website because at the time, and leave a link in the love of Shanghai know, the number of the chain of each big update query to love Shanghai will add two thousand or three thousand new sites, less than three months, the chain number is as high as more than 10000, is that I love Shanghai know left by some links or contribute to the site collected by the formation of a new station on the line soon so much outside the chain, is not a normal phenomenon, there are deliberately optimized behavior, so the search engine right down. The time being punished for half a month to one month, during that time, almost all rankings are bare, also site to the home page, only keep update, add some high quality the chain slowly restored.

line on the site, in addition to update the content, still need to constantly increase the chain to improve the website weight and keywords ranking. The increase of the chain step by step, to avoid excessive optimization, search engine punishment, resulting in the decline in the rankings, flow down.

what is the quality of the chain, can be simply summed up, the chain resources more difficult to get, the higher the quality, in some forum community in general can easily leave a link, the link quality is relatively low, the main role is to increase the breadth of the chain and Many a little make a mickle. The Shanghai encyclopedia in love or in some links left the news source on the website, the quality of these links is relatively high, the chain resources for the new station need without too much, as far as possible with high quality.

on the site and can bear the relationship between the chain resources, it is the website is equivalent to a bottle, the higher the weight of the bottle site is bigger, the chain is equivalent to a bottle of water, the more water the higher the weight, the higher the weight, the keywords ranking and collection the rate will be higher. Your new station on the line when the bottle is empty, you need to keep the site to join the chain, also is to the bottle of water injection, such as the new bottle can hold 10 liters of water, if you are in a certain period of time, the injection of water more than 10 liters, that is to say the chain added too much for search engine for your site are deliberately optimized phenomenon on your site to reduce or reduce the punishment included keyword ranking.

to join the site outside the chain, have to consider the site analysis of new or old station, the weight of the chain, can suffer. For the new station on the line, a few months ago, need to be updated, stable online, try to keep all updates to more than one or two articles every day, the chain does not need much, some Links exchange simple, or leave a link in some weight higher platform, such as Shanghai Shanghai love love Wikipedia, know some websites or for publication.


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