Boy please take good care of your new station

Seo young, understand the search engine optimization related terminology, what is the internal and external link as well as their role, this time for us, the teacher will use ah. In fact, boy, you are wrong! After we just established, do not rush to give us the keyword hyperlinks, because my blog is just above me, SEO related terms to explain the word, I can do a anchor text, because I really have such an article write this. However, I do not. Why? First of all, we must understand that we do the anchor text or chain to the home page is the meaning of what. We do want our website internal link structure is formed inside a mesh, to pass the weight. Why do we have to have keywords inside each article chain to the home page, it is because we want to improve the weight of your home page, others see the web page, we can see inside. If you want to have your website pages than web page weight is even higher, can in each article can have this web links, to improve the weight of the inside pages. However, we have just built a blog is not what weight, so this time we chain to the home page or inside pages between the internal links in the search engine, it is a kind of cheating. What time can do internal links? After the snapshot appears in our website, included normal when you can do internal links. However, at this time, we do not like the internal links too much, step by step, a little growth, so that the search engine will be very friendly to our website.

external links, many people think that the external links the more the better, so just do blog is to each big website to do external links, one hundred thousand days. In fact, boy, you have done something wrong! Just do blog, the first day of 10 external links, second days can do 10 can do 20, this point of growth. As a newly born child, you give it a day to eat a few meals, do you think it will take? This is not good for children, but hurt the child. We should according to need, how much he needs us to give him much, so that we can grow up healthy.


for search engine optimization personnel may already know these, has worked for a period of time in the search engine optimization on the road but I still want to contact those just Seo young reminder, especially just interested in search engine optimization, ready to do a blog – boy hanging wire please take good care of yourself, your new! Because I don’t want to lose you for the first time, this will be a big blow to you, I hope you can in the search engine optimization on the road to grow into a pure man child. Then, a new station on the line should pay attention to what

Just contact


Links, just set up a blog a little excited, I heard friends in the chain of.

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