Why Shanghai dragon holding the love of love should optimize the mentality to do

third, " " love is happiness; but the process is tortuous. We all enjoy the joy of success but constantly chasing girls endure loneliness and confusion of love, love the process of girls to play small temper ah, because some things quarrel ah, there may be some emotional men will not want to face even for love is full of fear of stagnation, we will encounter website optimization the search engine " sudden " blow yourself every day in the optimization of the website is still normal but can not be included or considered optimization techniques without any problems, but search engine drop right, this.

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second, " love " stage of the website should pay attention to what the problem. This time the website search engine trust, love stage refers to the girls boys get recognized, and friendly exchanges, our website, this process should be maintained enough patience, especially in the station optimization, we can not simply publish articles to win the trust of the search engine, can be appropriate the number of " " or " coup coup; " for the optimization of the site, such as the release of the text than pure nature of the article we can publish graphic form of the article, can stand in the user angle to release some customers around the expansion of some soft Wen to enrich website portals, find some down to earth material or scene writing to the web site, let some of the diverse content material change, and give some unexpected search engine To the surprise of " ".

website optimization development has been more and more perfect, with full optimization from the media, mobile terminal, Shanghai dragon website optimization has suffered unprecedented difficulties, in this case, the author thinks that we should do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization must change to adjust their mentality and optimization, the author believes that the current Shanghai dragon do not good reason a lot, but can do Shanghai dragon I think you just need to optimize their mentality transformation can make the optimization efficiency can be greatly improved, the author discussed today is good, to love the attitude to Shanghai dragon optimization.

first, the website optimization is similar to the primary stage of love girl stage. The line on the website without content of the major search engines can not be included, this time is very tangled, we analyze to love heart, this stage in the process of chasing girls we must not overdo sth. to interact with each other, but do not push too hard, otherwise it will scare the girl, the website we will hold the initial on-line the search engine and the attitude towards love, every day to effectively maintain the content update, but not three days fishing nets two days of drying, every day to optimize but not excessive optimization, remember not to release a large number of website information extrapolation, this time the content quality and update frequency is the webmaster should cause attention.

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