Xiao Han the internal link building high quality

this is a simple map I do, can see in the picture, "A, D, B and H are highly correlated, then link to each other;" B, F, A and H are highly correlated, so the mutual link between them; "C and E, F, they link D and A, F;" E "link; and C, G link; network.

website internal link practice has two kinds, one is inserted into the other page content links, another is to increase the list of a list of related articles in the content. First of all, the internal links must follow the principle of relevance, and to consider the natural, not forced into. In addition, people often ask me an article to add some within the chain as well, here to give us the way, don’t spend time on thinking and asking the question above, according to the previous two principles to do it.

is the next content outside the list of related articles, in fact, this is the main thing about Xiaohan today, many owners bought the station to a big change, change the theme, and even change the program, forum, website reproduced the article may provide the reader more relevant content, including information, videos or pictures, so relatively speaking, although this article is reproduced but has more value than the original. Then, in an article below we provide more highly relevant content to the user can read after read more similar topic pages, then the value of this page is naturally raised, this key point is "correlation".

for medium and large sites, internal link effect is sometimes better than the chain is more important, and small sites in the same situation good internal link structure often effect more obvious, this is not only reflected in the rankings for the user experience of the website and viscosity are very helpful, and it indirectly promoted ranking. Of course, many things are relative, but the website internal link architecture for Shanghai dragon is more and more important, as for what is the internal link here is not to say, Xiao Han Shanghai dragon blog can refer to the previous article, this article will Xiaohan to explain the high quality of the chain in practice.


content in the link is like knowledge to explain, when users see a word in reading this article, if you do not understand, can click on browse, this is the performance of the user experience, this link is very relevant. This practice is usually linked with manual or automatic program generation, each have advantages and disadvantages, if you are using the WORDPRESS program, I suggest you use the hand to add, because it can be very flexible to control the anchor text, anchor text of all kinds can add the corresponding page link; if the program is automatically generated, is usually relatively fixed well, set your keywords and link address, so it is rigid; of course, technical support can develop their own procedures to achieve the manual function.


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