Micro company website of Shanghai Longfeng work to how to do

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again, try to release the chain

1, to ensure that the company’s brand keywords, the company website ranked first. What is the company’s products, unless unique products or competitors do not Shanghai dragon. Otherwise, don’t expect the micro company, can only try to do.

2, This article from Yunnan’s

in Shanghai Longfeng target, because it is the only micro company, focusing on the important, the order is as follows:

do these micro company website Shanghai Longfeng work content that don’t work all. This is because the website’s work, while the SEM main surface need to do social media such as network marketing, also need Shanghai Longfeng staff (although only one or two) with.

3, and the trend of competition analysis, Zhiyizhibi

first, had to repeatedly wordy "keyword"

4, guide users to share the content of the website, which automatically spread. With the company’s products and sales, can not that easy. Because it is only as far as possible the micro company.

company and the size of the site, the site of the Shanghai dragon work mainly includes the following: key words emphasis, new keyword mining, web content publishing, the construction of the chain. Micro company work in the site and the general optimization about Shanghai dragon

micro company, as the name suggests, is a small scale company. And the staff responsible for the company’s Web site, which is usually one or two, usually help the company’s computer equipment maintenance. However, in such a small staff, how to do as much as possible the micro company website of Shanghai Longfeng work it. Here, the construction site in Kunming to share their experience.

regardless of company information, website every day must publish new content. Moreover, this new content should reflect on the first page of the website. At least one content released every day. Note that this is "at least", rather than "as far as possible". Of course, the best is more than five.

second, website content

due to the shortage of manpower, can do as far as possible. Still have to pay attention to the chain not spam, search engines now constantly updated algorithm, more attention should be paid to the.

Information Engineering (贵族宝贝ynyn>

watch company website statistics. See what is active, where visitors are, their own good summary.

every time when it comes to Shanghai Longfeng, basically cannot do without the "keyword". In fact, I don’t want to in the wordy, but this is not around. Pay attention to your company’s business, the content of the website or outside the chain of soft Wen to collocation of key keywords and long tail keywords need every day. Although the staff is not much, this also can not avoid.

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