Keywords clever layout website ranking speed lift

, the 1 keywords must appear in the title, is generally the main keywords to the site, about three. The probability of such users in the search keyword click with keyword title is relatively large, so as to put on the website ranking.

4, the keyword fusion with description, more conducive to ranking. We know that the site of title, keyword, description is the site of weight is condensed, this time we can appear in description related keywords to emphasize, matching while strengthening the whole page and key words.

3, the chain link, using the chain to improve the links between web pages. Some websites through the program will automatically match the relevant keyword links, so that the corresponding keyword weight transfer station each other but to ensure the weight of keywords are not dispersed, to participate in the search engine ranking.

We must first understand the

, 5 essential chain and Links. The chain and chain optimization is the most common keywords ranking, due to limited first algorithm, more of a chain to participate in keyword ranking. When we make friends of the chain, the chain, you can directly transfer the weights of the keywords.

2, a web page must appear keywords. When the web page of keywords, the search engine will automatically think content and keywords of the page is matching, which can increase the relevance of the entire page, easy to be judged as high user experience page.


, keyword search engine ranking decision is not only in the matching is keyword position. We always think that as long as the keywords for the station in 2% – 8% can make the weight of keywords has been stable, in fact, this is just a one-sided understanding. There are many factors that determine the weight of keywords, density is a reference value, and the reference value in different industries and the different rules, as long as we keep the natural not to deliberately increase key words can.

is in the station and the layout of the keywords, the author here to emphasize five points.

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er said many Shanghai dragon will do outside the chain, write articles…… These are now the most popular, the most commonly used optimization methods, many are struggling with, no fresh. When we have forgotten the keyword matching and keywords layout problem. The author Dennis to share today is through the station wise remark of an experienced person to enhance the website ranking keywords layout to.

website ranking is important? If you are Shanghai dragon er must You’ll see. answer! Must be important! Good website ranking can not only increase website traffic but also can effectively improve the site conversion rate. The question now is how to improve website ranking

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