How to treat the webmaster site only included the home page phenomenon

the author access relevant information, some say love Shanghai recently included algorithm change, many sites included appear unstable, but again, if your site has been using the white hat optimization technique is normal, then there is no love Shanghai penalty opportunity, can appear the phenomenon that the number of sites or the problems. In the author’s view may have the following owners need to consider:



two, website article by competitors stole posted high weight website. I publish articles on the site in the GUI door professional not but the visit is still very valuable, so are some competitors to stare at last, every day they stole the articles posted directly to the list of high weight website, this will make love in Shanghai according to the author’s website that the number >

examination included the amount of content is the webmaster of the site every day for health assessment of the site will do the work, especially for the love of Shanghai has been down the right site, site of the amount collected on site changes directly response recovery index, in some high weight webmaster forum, we can often see some on site the pages included and delete posts, the reply post is said so, causing some novice webmaster look foggy, is still not find solutions. The wind Ying responsible GUI animation training site door suffered such evil robbery, the author will own experience to share solutions of this problem to everyone, hope can play a valuable role.


see the two pictures, the problem is clear, the website every day included deleted only home page, this is what


, a website is still in the period of punishment, love for Shanghai website page has been shut down due to the content of the website before the quality is too low, for a long time love Shanghai think this website does not have any value for the user, to break the deadlock included, the webmaster to do is "touched" love Shanghai, Shanghai love to know your site, of course, it takes time to verify the webmaster, this period should insist on the high quality of their updates, don’t be fooled by the surface phenomenon, insist on is victory.

results as shown in figure

site was responsible for the love Shanghai right down the catastrophe in February 23rd, was collected between left home, later found to be due to the presence of more than before to be right down the site involved and the content of the web site is not high quality caused by the friends of the chain, in the decisive delete these adverse chain, website update copy paste before a change, the depth of original or false original article, although the article will soon be included but every day will be deleted, delete form included included the situation, this situation continued for a week in February 27th, the site began included in figure

One week after the

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