Shanghai dragon Er you obsessed

1, the frequent use of Webmaster Tools query included and trans

people, every keyword will add links, be bold, not the home page keywords, will do anything to add, write a soft, non mandatory to add keywords, such is the increase of keyword exposure, but your user experience how to do? Visitors to your site, always see some he can love rather baffling things,

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2, pay much attention to their web site in the chain and the number of keywords

Webmaster Tools query every day included trans normal, three or four times a day, five or six times is very normal, but every day you query a dozen times, seems to be justified? What is more, the use of a variety of webmaster tools, all kinds of repeated checking, this should be the most obvious zouhuorumo situation.

now has a long time not done Shanghai dragon, so now think of the original behavior, think it is not too much, is not passed away? Why can’t I do the optimization of normal

as a webmaster, you one day several times a day to check the webmaster tools? How many times a day Links, click on your own website

I remember reading an article that is the site within the chain general optimal control in about 80, although I do not know true and false, but I found that many webmasters are overly concerned within the chain, there is a one of my friends, check in their chain, more than 140 are found, then asked to reduce the number of strong inside chain before, I was on his website, all the pictures with the link, he discovered, insisted that I take these pictures to introduce by CSS, which can reduce the number of page image links, so as to reduce the number of the chain, but I really want to say, you do so will only increase the CSS the burden of.

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does not do optimization, starting to do so, and always has been dealing with the site, customers and friends to my consulting website optimization time, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon began to focus on the dynamic is normal, but too much attention, appear to be normal? I to the webmaster through the column Devil: (it is my own point of view, and some people may view is not consistent, please don’t take it seriously, it is a happy.

site using the H tag, very useful, because it can highlight your keywords, cause the attention of the search engine, but.


although I do Shanghai, time is not long, but my first job is Shanghai dragon, had to make up words, every webmaster tools do not know how many times the query, as long as there is free time, don’t forget to check, sometimes on the bus, also did not forget to use the mobile phone to check, also to check before going to bed; included in the site to go up, can be happy for several days, the website included, which followed the bad mood; this is how I

3, the excessive use of H tag

how many times? ?

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