Science and technology has swept the nternet independent blog will follow you


It is understood that

in the promotion, technology blog is clearly not to continue the so-called "comment on the promotion of" fool marketing patterns continue, instead of using the combination of popular media information on the strategy, the key point is still the master level and the needs of users, such as the Lei Feng network rooted in science and technology – one of the faithful yongcu college students, launched the Renren station for publicity, and some rely on mobile phone software to set up the students to expand rapidly build up the family fortunes pride in the students, in addition to these people brought interest in science and technology, but also let more people know Lei Feng, know Lei Feng is an accumulation of knowledge and realize the dream of a place.

Lu Songsong yesterday in the blog saw an article mainly introduces the current situation and the development of science and technology blog article, after reading a blog counterattack feeling, because in the independent blog environment cry everywhere under the condition of a science and technology information, in accordance with the mode of development of the blog site actually survived the long dormant and promotion of the bottleneck, and then get venture capital, this is a big enough incentive for a growing number of independent blog webmaster.

the above data is not good enough, for business owners are ready to give up the blog is not an incentive? In fact, tech blogs have existed for a long time, and once the recent outbreak is actually own dormant and external environment affected the results.

if you want to ask why most bloggers operating down, I think the answer is only two, the first promotion, second profit, which is obviously more profitable blog headache, the website not to earn money bet what the future. But in recent years the technology blog has been able to successfully counter attack, the final reason to find a way to make money. In this name only 36 krypton as an example, had to get rid of the form of a blog site, 36 krypton is the domestic one of the few innovative profit model website, 36 krypton currently main profit model is not advertising and information, but the value-added service profit line, then the home page, we can see that conspicuous business investment. By building a platform between the entrepreneurs and investors to obtain profits, 36 krypton achieve the wealth of knowledge is truth, not only that, through careful analysis we can see that 36 krypton in this pattern, the reason for the success of a party is able to accurately grasp the needs of users and project level corresponding to the requirements of the other. On the one hand is a good good project quality, make the site a good project, the number is more appropriate to give investors attractive enough.

their dormant

36 krypton, Lei Feng, tiger sniffing the network, PingWest, media and a number of new sites of titanium have been an angel round or A round of financing, and some even have started B round of financing plan, there is a technology blog to win about 300-500 million yuan investment. (Lu Songsong blog data)

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