Site 301 permanent redirect and 302 redirect

oriented: like site adjustment, such as changing the page directory structure, "has been moved to a new address, or" extension change, as a result of the application needs to.Php into.Html or.Shtml, in this case, if not redirect the user favorites or search engine database in the old address. Only allow access to the customer will receive a 404 page error information, traffic lost again; some registered multiple domain name of the site, also need to redirect users to access these domain names automatically jump to the main site, etc..

The realization of the 301 redirect

* select "redirect to URL"

* Internet information services manager, to redirect page or directory right click on

meta fresh: in 2000 is more popular, but is now very rare. It is through the web page of the meta instruction, after a specified period of time to redirect to a new page, if the delay time is too short (about 5 seconds), is determined to be spam.

Apache server >

Open the


* select the "permanent redirect resources" (remember)

301 redirect: 301 represents a permanent shift (Permanently Moved), a 301 redirect is the web address to change after the best method of search engine friendly, as long as it is not a temporary move, it is recommended to do 301 redirection.

commonly used to redirect the way: 301 redirect, 302 redirect and meta fresh:

* in the "redirect to the" input "to jump to the target URL address in the

"redirectsThe realization of the 301 redirect box

301 Redirect

302 redirect: 302 represents the temporary transfer (Temporarily Moved), in the past few years, many Black Hat Shanghai dragon has been widely used to cheat, this technology at present, the major search engines are to strengthen the crackdown, as in previous years, the nobility baby Business贵族宝贝 and recently on the BMW website to punish germany. Even if the site is not the objective of spam, is also very easy to search engine easily mistaken for spam being punished.


Finally, click "apply"

Compared to

, Apache than IIS much simpler. In Apache, there is a very important document of.Htaccess, through its settings, can realize many functions, is one of the 301 redirect.

IIS server

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