Teach you the original articles comes from how to do false original

three, local newspapers and magazines about

Witkey , please indicate the source!

the original manuscript, this article from the original movie heaven 贵族宝贝520dianying.net

Two, the use of

we can pay more attention to some newspapers in his area, because the newspaper is every day is the transformation of the contents, but the content is very readable, we can use this point to imitate, spend a few cents to buy a newspaper, and then put the newspaper input into the computer, so a high quality original content will come out, and every day the cost is very low.


four, the use of large quantities of original

to the original

many webmaster every day in order to their site of the original article and content to worry, but want to do a website is a necessary part of the original, but there are many webmaster are not writing and writing, so in order to be able to continue to maintain our website today to teach, teach you several "original articles" and access to way.

has a lot of friends love and QQ in the blog space to write down some of their own and what one sees and hears, some small stories, these are what we can pay close attention to, because the spider is rarely on the QQ space and blog articles, so we can choose some often update blogs and QQ space friends, as long as they update articles we can directly copy to your site, this is also a good method, but if you and your friends a good call, in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and trouble.

method, but the effect is very good, we can find some webmaster English articles, and then use the translation tool to his English to Chinese himself on the whole, the contents of the article to read and then make some changes, because there are a lot of Chinese statements unfluent translation and English. There are many passages in disorder, so we must make some careful modification and improvement, after modification such as the original content of our own, we may wish to try the effect is very good.

English stationNot many people use the

above is my personal a little experience, hope that the experience can give you webmaster to bring some inspiration and help, in search of the "original articles" has a lot of, see if you are willing to think and find.

I believe there are many owners have been in use this method, it is actually very simple, we can use the platform to publish some tasks to make some friends to do the task, for example, to find the original release Witkey task. You can pay by publishing Witkey task, generally pay tens of dollars you can get a large number of manuscripts, here also wish you to try.

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