The chain and promotion way for future Shanghai Dragon

put forward this problem, the fundamental reason is that the search engine of pseudo original hated update algorithm in the fight against cheating on the site at the same time, garbage and garbage to clean the page, the reason is because the quality of website content are insufficient, Shanghai Longfeng Daily said in the quality, website quality, content quality, quality what it means? Quality means to meet the demand, yes! But the search engine first grab you can meet the needs of users to update the article, it is the procedure of how to determine the quality of your article is high? Can meet the needs of users? That leads to the next topic: try to show, that is to say, grab the article, using the algorithms will be repeated high article not >

contains the publicity, product promotion, brand publicity, the more is to guide users to search their products or brand word word, to achieve the purpose of transforming order. Publicity from the long-term development perspective, the establishment of the network brand, more publicity brand is the ultimate goal of the online propaganda.


chain, is very important for the Shanghai dragon, since "after the birth of the link has become the bridge between the various web pages, it is this link, the Internet will be countless" together, users can through the anchor text free to jump to any interesting pages, it is self-evident the significance of the anchor text on the Internet, and in the search engine algorithm, the role of the anchor text is to tell the search engines your website is the best way to do what.


search engine and actively carry out the webmaster interaction, but in order to get traffic to the natural ranking realizable goal is still the webmaster wish, and every time the search engine algorithm changes will bring traffic redistribution, ranking fluctuations, volatility becomes the norm. As a search engine, its goal is to create the best Internet search experience, also said that the fastest civilian network search to find what they need in the search engine.

chain and the propaganda, the pros and cons?


Shanghai Longfeng war is the black hat and white hat coexist, black hat and white hat is on both sides of the Shanghai dragon. Black hat is the search results page ranking by means of cheating interference search engine, the search engine is the pollution of the ecological environment, on the other hand, destroyed the users search experience. Love first take Shanghai Shanghai dragon surgery the root cause is also part of the black hat means is frequently used to reduce the users search experience.

Shanghai dragon love Shanghai why become a "target"

interactive search engine and the webmaster of

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Shanghai dragon seems to have come at the crossroads. "Lost heart, no matter how hard, also can not see the road ahead, thinking of Shanghai Longfeng development way, we can do well in Shanghai dragon road. In 2013, under the 360 search we love Shanghai offensive, launched the war of self-defense, and will battle with the frequent criticism of Shanghai dragon surgery.

search engine is how to judge the quality of web page

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