Why do aggregation search page or page of some station site had been reduced to love Shanghai search

love Shanghai web search anti cheating team recently found a part of the site to produce a lot of popular keywords traversal search results page to get search engine traffic, which is not related to the contents of a large number of serious damage to the search engine user experience and occupation of the corresponding field quality website returns, we will make a website for such harsh treatment. I hope this problem webmaster timely corrective adjustment.


Yang Zi today to share with you some related problems about the station optimization, of course, before talking about these issues, first dates to September 6, 2013 love Shanghai LEE for " poly " class website released a "static search results page will be strictly processing" of the announcement, the announcement of the specific contents are as follows:

sites do not analyze the key.

in LEE after the announcement, according to a Shanghai Longfeng chiefs who love Shanghai and LEE had some simple communication process in this exchange, LEE said this attack is obvious junk page, search page or some vertical industry websites is of good quality, not in combat areas.

keyword itselfThe

use the thesaurus TAG page or search page aggregation to snatch the search traffic phenomenon has existed for a long time, the official also love Shanghai more than once in different occasions said this is obviously cheating, and will fight against this behavior.

but the polymerization and search the page itself there is no problem, but also conform to the needs of users and the aggregation page or stand inside the search page why today there will be so many websites made become love Shanghai search targets? Next from the following points to talk about specific reason:

part of the site keywords do not distinguish between types, are directly into the station, using a unified page template. For example, some sites will be hard to " ", " coffee; coffee machine, " " coffee brand " this import station generates a unified search page but the search page only content title and release time, just a simple search, and did not give the user a " coffee machine; " " coffee brand " related content.

when the site in this complex word level to a certain extent, the macro perspective, the types of pages are spam, it just to cheat search traffic, did not provide the content for the users search, seriously reduce the quality of search results, this behavior will have a relatively large impact on the search engine special crackdown.

two, keywords and websiteSome

, a standard

correlation between


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