Website optimization techniques and procedures


4, the

2, development strategy

article also to have the law, try to update every day before the user access to the peak, think a day before the 9 a.m. update is the best, so that the search spider habits fixed grab.

first you have to figure out what your company is, to achieve what kind of a goal, only with a clear goal you can later plan, say your company is doing the car repair and maintenance, then your website title, keywords, description and the contents of the necessary station the main aspects of the automobile repair and maintenance, instead of car sales, car prices such as content.

Keywords strategy)

3, website channel and page optimization

this time you have to target your company need screening keywords, keywords to the amount of attention, love Shanghai, key words index website correlation data analysis, analysis according to the target keyword strategy, for example, the use of local keyword frequency, using the selected keywords creation at the same time, in the when you write for the keyword rankings have good advice to check the webmaster tools keyword index, try to choose a small competition, so the original articles and competitive keywords small easy to get ranking.

5, Updated

two the main point is the Shanghai dragon keywords and articles, keywords have that is to update the article, this article try to original, it is not also need to arrange into reading the value of the article, what is the value of the article? The article is easy to understand, can attract the click on the article, but also to the appropriate use of bold, tilt and subtitles, so are very friendly to the search engine and users.

site map

inside a website not only a channel page, there must be at least 2, so be sure to make reasonable arrangement, make the site every channel of the show as much as possible in the home page, so that users and the search engine spiders found, get more traffic, for the web page to the appropriate optimization the article, do not say, don’t let the chain did not exceed one page, or a spider in to get out to the search engines will make a bad impression, try to add several extended reading at the bottom, the main push in the article keywords can draw text to other related articles.

1, first determine the development direction of the company (sometimes called


today Xiaobian share site optimization techniques website, first look at the popularity of the website optimization, in the station optimization and stood outside optimization, both equally important station optimization relative maneuverability and control of strength, often industry buddy asked me to a new station how to optimize, from which step start? Today and share my experience and optimization steps.

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