Case analysis three Beijing Shanghai Longfeng area ranking


is for the love of Shanghai, if the site has a certain weight, keyword density point does not matter, love Shanghai for the weight of high standing not easily to intervene. But in our daily operations, the home must maintain good, because update or revision, inadvertently get keyword density is too high or too low, causing the love of Shanghai dropped. The best state is not to leave any traces of optimization. This website content quality is poor. But he used a very good strategy: CMS+BBS+BLOG.

no love interest free today, find the row in front of the site, basically can not be qualified site. Even the most basic updates are not. Even the website the name of Shanghai dragon training under the banner of a trickster, even their own website rankings are not up. And that content is mostly copy and paste. But there are three sites are worthy of our concern. Please see below:


Search keywords Beijing Shanghai dragon "by Shanghai

why said Shanghai Longfeng Cardiff.

is the first to talk about the first star Shanghai dragon blog. People think there are a few points is worth paying attention to, first, the domain name is 2006 January, has been five year old domain name, the weight that is not to say. Then add some stone interactive background, with ZAC, Le Sishu, stone interaction of these well-known Shanghai dragon blog intertwined, you say his weight will be low? Another blog content is not much, but almost all of the original, so the quality is relatively high, in each chapter are included in the target text keywords to optimize, and the details of the optimization is very good, this is our webmaster to learn where.

The next second poly Rui media


. There is a Beijing Shanghai dragon keywords in the title, and the location is the first, keywords also includes the "Beijing Shanghai dragon", also let Beijing reasonable description of the emergence of a Shanghai dragon. Overall, are more rational. (in fact, the title of the method makes full use of the word) there is no keyword density accumulation phenomenon. Through the analysis of the key layout, Beijing Shanghai dragon appears 28 times, the calculated density is 13.9%. Most are located in the title of the article, please see below:

although we see from the title, although not the words of Beijing Shanghai dragon, but by looking at the love of Shanghai snapshot found there are actually two words, one is Beijing, Shanghai is a dragon, so when the search keywords, search engines consider the weights add up to two words and consider the weight of Beijing keywords, also taking into account the weight of the word Shanghai dragon, so the overall assessment star arrow advantage. So in the first row, also behoove pull.

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