Medical bidding account optimization and marketing strategies to share

two, the optimization of love Shanghai fever:

1. to launch

brand: a brand word must be put in the hospital. (at the same time through the third party platform to promote the hospital brand related words)

: put the object

in patients with gynecological hospital of Yulin More and more people are doing the bidding of medical cause gynecological inflammation cause morbidity of cervical erosion how to get

words: Yulin hospital painless hospital obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Yulin

1, bidding objectives: to improve the conversion rate of the corresponding treatment, increase treatment tasks and complete the corresponding target. Assist the goal: to improve brand effect response through bidding.

familiar industry, strategy

hospital network promotion process:

1. – 2. related diseases through a phrase search click ranking a better hospital (Hospital of Yulin) – 3. – 4. enter the website click online consultation to help patients (FAQ collected the basic information, give the relevant reservation number) – arrived at the hospital.

: a plate made of throw must account management layout




business objectives:

, so how to be a qualified medical personnel SEM, love Shanghai account should be how to establish and plan it, I put my personal experience to share out hope that we can love.

, the specific operating media: network


medical industry: relatively long tail phrases from conversion rate is relatively high, the following specific corresponding phrases.

, 3 day launch budget: 5000

2. account to build ideas, know even know why

brand words: Yulin Charity Hospital Yulin humanity hospital gynecology


5, bidding on the situation of ideas:

2, intermediate target population: optimization of love Shanghai account related phrases, the phrases of disease, treatment, regional industry optimization process, (population related targets in Yulin area and with


hotspot locationKeywords


treatment: Yulin which hospital treatment of gynecological inflammation of Yulin

account words through the title + creative composition, how to optimize the phrase

hospital for the treatment of cervical disease

3. build fully account

4, on the account type: (can be roughly divided into love Shanghai love Shanghai WebUnion soso soso bidding auction WebUnion Sogou network etc.)

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