A marketing assistant what exactly do

currently on the market there are many base station software, some of the more popular a knight, and, after I observe the bug and so on, nearly a year, all of the station group software is a derivative acquisition based on locomotive, because the station software is nothing more than 3 steps: acquisition order release. Just one more station group software series and sprocket function, but do station group main is relatively important in the acquisition, stations, and bugs have unique design ideas, such as: the website source collection bug has N, you can directly enter the QQ space acquisition keywords pan articles and blog articles, at the same time you can also write the rules of acquisition designated website article, more importantly, I can and all third party collection tools in common, like the mainstream of locomotive, the collector can be put directly up the bug library released, without any modification. When it comes to bug stations function, it would have to say that the function of super sprocket wheel worm, powerful, everyone should have the impression it last year, the famous elder brother still impressed me, then l used strategy is in fact the sprocket sprocket, in foreign countries has been for a long time, in the last two years will rise China the thing, the elder brother of station group almost no chain, content than the garbage station garbage, all stations are connected in series with the station, the article and the article series, but this garbage station, is to occupy the Baidu home page, thus it can be seen that the importance and power of the sprocket.

are to know the importance of the construction of the chain, chain, now more and more difficult, for example, when we go to the forum the forum will prompt you to send a link to B2B, advertising, no hyperlink interface, because of this, we can not ignore the importance of the blog blog, because if not illegal, we can now control, bug software registration all mainstream blog program (love Shanghai, Sina, Sohu, NetEase) and so on, bugs will automatically pop-up dialog box when the registration verification code, then we can directly enter the verification code registered successfully, its top blog website, I do not recommend every blog to register, as long as the registration of several mainstream can, for example: love Shanghai space, Sina, Sohu, Tianya, each blog registered 5 account Enough, when the post published can be used a blog series function, is the last blog series to a blog, A blog, B blog series, form a network, so it can increase the weight of the blog link each other, then the key words in the post randomly add website, every blog pointing to us master >

, a website group management system

two, the mainstream blog group of building

The site of the

dear webmaster friends, good evening, today we will talk about a marketing assistant what exactly do, believe this problem is the common aspiration of many webmaster friends, well, today Chong贵族宝贝 on the top of Shanghai Longfeng typhoon nesat prestige, in this quiet moment of my deep night for you one by one, please look down:

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