After bidding promotion why should we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization

as a web site, web site optimization is not in a hurry to choose, the most important is to understand the positioning of its condition and site, fully understand the difference between PPC and natural ranking optimization, rational choice for their own website.

first, we must understand and spend money to do the promotion of Shanghai dragon two what are the pros and cons. When it comes to do promotion, we must first know how to search engine promotion fee. For example, you are now doing a sales company or individual acne products, you buy in a search engine in an advertisement, now ranked first, then you need to pay much cost to the search engines? That is to say, only once every click your website will consume much advertising? Hypothesis each computer click consume one yuan, two or more, it will be according to the key business value, if the product itself is very huge, so we will be competitive advertising, so that visitors click on the consumption of advertising costs will be high.

obviously, do the bidding risk, but the relative Shanghai dragon long process, compared with the optimization of the difficulty of the ranking, do the bidding promotion only need to pay will be in the front row, so the optimization speed is the biggest advantages of ppc. < >

review: for bidding and the promotion of search engine, believe that the webmaster are not unfamiliar, the auction is to buy ads on search engines, namely enterprises or individuals to sell their products, the need to pay a fee to love Shanghai, love Shanghai will be in front of its product keywords in the search results, it does not require any Shanghai dragon, who pay more money, whose site in the front row; and Shanghai dragon is for web site in the search engine’s ranking, Shanghai dragon do good, also can get the first natural ranking, can not spend money through the Shanghai dragon website pushed back, in front of promotion the site is always ranked in the bidding, do Shanghai Longfeng site.

see above, combined with the present conditions included love Shanghai more and more stringent, many Shanghai dragon optimization personnel to doubt their own work and much meaning. The previously mentioned Shanghai dragon, will you mind eight words "content is king, the chain for emperor", but the love of Shanghai recent updates, let the chain of the value of the discount, many owners even give up the chain, however, in addition to the chain, is the content, quality content of course is good, but it is the Chinese medicine treatment can cure, but slow, so in the face of bidding and Shanghai Longfeng promotion, many webmasters are somewhat skeptical.

In fact,

, for example, some industry search words, each click on the search results in the website promotion, may consume one hundred yuan in advertising. It sounds a bit but these sites frightful to the ear, the profit equally amazing. However, if everyone will consume a certain point in advertising, but the website conversion do not good, that is a lot of people in, but do not buy the product, then the site should not only pay for advertising costs, but not necessarily be able to profit, may also lose money.

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