How about Shanghai Longfeng prospects t’s not the future development

from Ji’nan.

since last year from the petty contact Ji’nan Shanghai dragon, there are a lot of people say that today Shanghai dragon has no prospects, as early as possible to mix in other industries. Today C on micro-blog to see a lot of people in Shanghai say the prospect about the dragon, so I came to talk about their own views.

so how are we going to cater to the needs of users? First of all, we certainly have to put their website construction, more is to be with the mobile phone website, this step if c here is not detailed said, will bring you a special analysis of how to build to meet the needs of users the web site. Secondly, have a website, we must carry on the drainage, for now the user habits from the PC to the mobile terminal, we can also add to the mobile terminal of Shanghai dragon ranking concern. In addition, if the traffic from search engines less, so this part of the flow must transfer to another place, to be honest, petty that users can never escape from the search, but from love Shanghai search into search on micro-blog search on WeChat and so on, so we can add sites these social media platform exposure. Why should Lou loose blog in micro-blog? Why ghosts seven feet every day in the micro-blog post, also a private letter to fans, and also in WeChat again? These are the use of outstanding Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to the development trend of the Internet now, they change with their website operation strategy the changes of the times. Finally, now the search engine users are mostly young people, young people pursue is both beautiful and practical, if you can only meet the search engine, it can’t satisfy the people’s attention and needs, so whether you at any time, will eventually be eliminated. Do you think there is after you understand Shanghai dragon just studying Shanghai Longfeng? If you really study, you will find that you know in the process of Shanghai dragon, also continue to ask yourself the process, you will find that the things you want to know more and more widely, has been unable to Shanghai dragon in this confined to a small circle, we must remember that it is never too late to learn

!In this paper,

petty believes that not obsolete industries, only outdated thinking. Any industry there is a certain value, but if you’re in an industry, but do not know how to change with the times and make the corresponding change, then you will eventually be eliminated by the whole industry, then you are not the future of the industry is not good, but you not good prospects the. Of course, for the Shanghai dragon, now with the development of the Internet, users gradually from the PC terminal to the mobile terminal, traffic from search engines have begun to gradually reduce, the user search habits began to change, these changes have made a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners rushed to anxiety. But not think this is a good development trend, it also urged the us to engage in Shanghai Longfeng personnel to meet the idea of a search engine as soon as possible to the user demand.

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