From the 20 thousand series earning what we can learn

1, the eye-catching title


graphic collocation

if you are a writer to write text, you will find an article at least 1000 words it is possible only through the audit. But his article can be said to have every 1000 words, he put others in the soft, illustrated this point to good use. Whatever others tell you nofollow good, or to tell with the picture in your article is good, the key is good, even if it is a small, do you know good or not, there is no effect.

each title is a monthly income of 20 thousand, can be said that this number is many people do not reach the optimization. We see this title, will want to know what he really do, what can a monthly income of 20 thousand, but the authors did not mention the basic. So there are so many people on his article. But it is such a title, have so many people to visit his article, at least I click on the site to his propaganda.


4, application of

is a suspense left we want to continue to understand the way. He will notice in the first article, the article will be divided into 4 chapters. This operation can achieve a number of text, but also people sustained attention. There is throwing a ball to A5, A5 told his 4 article to all audit to complete, whether he is well written or not. Can pass the examination this condition is essential to achieve the. Of course, this is a personal analysis, does not represent the true heart of maple leaf. He ended a Thanksgiving A5 in each of the words is very desirable, people have a thankful heart, there will be the harvest.

Through the above 3

Ye Feng’s 4 monthly income of 20 thousand series of soft, can be said that so far this year in the very successful soft A5. Although there are a lot of people stepped on his article, but from the perspective of transmission, reached a certain magnitude. Ordinary soft if there are 300 hits on the good, if I was right, and his 4 article each should be in 1000 or more hits. So what we should learn from this soft in

2, the content of

3, suspense style topic



map, you can see the 4 articles through the chain to form a whole. After doing so, even after he read this article, can say is very convenient. Of course, maybe this is the chain of A5 editor to add. Personal point of view, the ability of Shanghai Longfeng Er editor must improve. Where to use H1, there should be strong, where the word red, where the word to do within the chain. >


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