According to industry analysis to develop intelligent Home Furnishing Links exchange

1.QQ group:

platform Links very much on the Internet, we can search for love in Shanghai, see below: >

This ?


believes that many enterprises choose the Internet traffic channels will give priority to think of love Shanghai, love of Shanghai is to obtain a maximum flow directional network platform. For the smart Home Furnishing industry, how to get traffic in Shanghai and other search engines? Shanghai Longfeng feasible? Through the analysis of intelligent Home Furnishing industry small, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are using SEM auction in Shanghai promotion, which overlooks the Shanghai dragon industry. For the smart Home Furnishing industry Shanghai Longfeng still have a chance. How to make intelligent Home Furnishing industry Shanghai dragon? Today is to share how I Home Furnishing industry analysis system for intelligent Links exchange.

we can Home Furnishing industry in the search for intelligent intelligent Home Furnishing Links exchange group. Then in the group and we exchange, exchange links. Similar to the QQ group is very much, can be very good to use.

, what is Links

because of the extensive use of the Internet, more and more businesses to change the marketing strategy, on the Internet to have the layout. According to the analysis of intelligent Home Furnishing industry, intelligent Home Furnishing industry on the Internet in this field has entered the competitive potential of feudal lords vying for the throne, the

Links is really Links? Obviously not, for a chain exchange Sina, NetEase and other large domestic portal and how can a small business website. This link is only one-way links, not only to enhance the site’s weight, will lead to the loss of the spider, is very good for optimization.

2. Links platform:

talent shows itself?

we know that Links is mutual trust between the voting site, Links is the best exchange industry, about the same weight, the weight of each other so as to effectively transfer.

Links, also known as web site exchange links, links and link exchange, affiliate links, is a simple form of cooperation between certain resources complementary advantages of the website, LOGO image or text place the other site respectively on his website, the site name, URL and set the other website (click. Switch or pop another new page), so that the user can find your website cooperation from the website, to achieve the purpose of mutual promotion, so often as a basic means of website promotion.

Similar to the

through the analysis of intelligent Home Furnishing industry, most of the Links are one-way links, so that not only can not improve the weight website, will lead to the loss of the spider. It is very bad for Shanghai dragon optimization. The common case below:


two, how to exchange Links:

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