Who said that the operation of Shanghai dragon blog no prospect

blog service lies in the way of a point is the core. But the core can represent your strengths. Your code foundation is strong, then your blog can share web page code design, to attract novice rookie. Allow them to make a contribution. Your Shanghai Dragon technology, you can share the Shanghai dragon case, Shanghai dragon thought. For the novice guidance in the future, this is the core. If your technology is not fine, writing is not fine, then this blog for users is of no value. Also many webmaster complaining about blog writing every day, but also did not have any effect. When talking about the effect of the first look at self >

did not adhere to the National People’s Congress has a characteristic, which is not getting a little good profit from the blog. Italy large, small and small map, not without benefit. It also said that many bloggers voices, I worked hard every day with new blog, do the chain I get what? So this is the most Shanghai dragon to give up a blog the most objective factors. The reverse thinking, is not big enough, now your blog is not good enough, then you and what profit? This is a very strange phenomenon, I do not necessarily have profit, do not necessarily.

here you should understand the situation of some Shanghai dragon blog and how to do blog, here I share some of your own blog for Shanghai Longfeng views and experience, I hope all of you will have some inspiration, find their own way.

is the most common situation: Shanghai dragon blog Bo ten dead one, left stop updating. This is a common phenomenon in Shanghai dragon blog. When I study in Shanghai Longfeng when he made the Shanghai Phoenix blog, and there were about 70% students also have their own Shanghai dragon blog. In the beginning, and indeed you can use four words to describe, updated daily, chain, chain, busy awfully. At the same time their Shanghai Dragon technology gradually mature, and have a job, they do not have much time to manage the blog, stop updating blog will slowly die. 70% other students also blog because of all sorts of reasons can not insist, now the same batch of people blog will stop the update, there are many reasons including the author has also made the investigation of why so many people didn’t persist. The biggest reason is a mostly Shanghai dragon ER hands Shanghai Dragon technology matures, blog is of no practical use, the most is used to test some of Shanghai Longfeng function.



assigned to the Internet blog culture has been for some years, achieved net praise of Shanghai dragon Hot Blog numbered. But compared to some other and updated blog, they are just good luck, in a rush of wind wave clenched Tuo, opened up a road to Hot Blog. It is in the hearts of the people of the world culture blog, so now all walks of life such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain coming out of the blog. The so-called lotus just buds, as early as a dragonfly, this blog is obviously not easy operation, but no blog that said there is no prospect of Shanghai dragon.

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