The teaching of novice site five learn the rapid increase of the website external links

since our webmaster mainly by the love of Shanghai to get traffic, so we should learn to use the advantages of Shanghai love to optimize the chain, we can use to increase the love Shanghai space for the chain, we can apply 2-5 to love Shanghai space are updated every day, every day, every space only need to update 1-2 original article wrote the article and then add their own tail keywords and URLs like this for a long time accumulated is a large and high weight of the chain, the weight of which love Shanghai space slowly followed up, is also very helpful and useful to optimize your website later.

Links I believe you will not be unfamiliar, now the basic construction site up should be every day to exchange certain quality Links, if we are the new words then start not to put too high requirements, exchange links to find the best with the type of exchange, such as you do the movie site then you what is the best type of exchange website and film industry related, we exchange Links first learn to check each other’s web page snapshot, included the number, whether the site being punished, the webmaster in the presence of cheating behavior, these exchange links are a required course which is a part of not less.

also has a relatively fast method is relatively high in the weight update frequency is faster community publish their own websites and keywords, we can also in these forums to register an account and then the account inside the personal signature inside your site keywords and web site, in browsing the forum at the same time and reply to posts invisible increase outside the chain of your website, this method can now be said to be a comprehensive spread effect that is quite good, a novice webmaster can try a.

and a method of writing your first, water can not be too bad at least write out the manuscript to sentence and content to be readable, so for the novice webmaster or challenging a novice webmaster can start slowly but we come from the beginning.

Now the Methods the chain now webmasters recognized the fastest increase that is submitted to the soft but the relatively high technical requirements is

search engine algorithm and the method is more and more fast, can be said to be three days small updated five days a big update but as a webmaster circle in a few years people still know that no matter how to modify the search engine algorithm always has a few points is a constant, today is one of the more important is the website the external links commonly known as the "chain", many new Adsense have hit a lot of troubles and barriers in the chain increases here, so several ways to increase the external links fast for your reference and learning.

this is a busy time so the update rate of a little delay, today out of a few hours to write today’s teaching, I hope that friends forgive me, let’s go on a section of the "new site teaching website forming four: we should do" to increase learning how to optimize the website external links today.

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