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1, the website template problem, it is best to use a narrow screen site template. I’m using width 720. The width of the content is only 450. In this case, putting 336×280 ads in the content will focus the user’s vision on your ad. Then to the right, place an advertisement for a skyscraper. Remember to focus your ads on the first screen. this is the visual bombing effect, like melatonin, if the color does not make people feel good. And visitors are happy to click ads, because there’s the information he needs


entity enterprises have their own way of life, also have their own means of marketing, is the difference between the different means, different effect in different ways and so on, which leads to the development of enterprises is fast, slow development, small and large, and the collapse of


3, if your website has a higher rate of return, you should pay attention to changing the position of advertisement and the tone of advertisement. In order to avoid the user ads on your form immunity
if you do Ali or sh419 union advertising at the same time. They can also be swapped places.

Guilin was on the world famous tourist city, but please don’t forget the Guilin as well as special snack is also known, it is the "Guilin Rice noodles" Rice noodles! Guilin is the vast majority of Guilin’s breakfast, the taste is also influenced by many foreign tourists to appreciate, is that many people will have to learn the Guilin technology and Rice noodles in Guilin city other than the idea of a shop. Of course, to study authentic, or to Guilin to study, in this form, "famous flavor Xuan" began to focus on Guilin rice training and joined.

, in a word, often change ad positions were observed during short observation period, generally to half a month’s time in a week, to find out the most suitable for your website a few ad placements and color scheme. Finally, according to these schemes, the transformation is performed irregularly.


2, if you think an article is very attractive, then you can put this article more than a few pages! This increase in PV also adds to the diversity of advertising. If a good article is divided into 5 pages, visitors will increase their chances of seeing the ads they are interested in, and of course increase the click through rate of advertisements. It sounds like crap! ^_^

network marketing is a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, there may be a lot of companies that do not contact what their industry and the Internet, the Internet can bring what benefits for their own business, or tried to combined with the Internet, but failed and other reasons, cause they abandoned the Internet, continue to use the traditional means of marketing

is perhaps because people often immersed in the name of young people online taste Xuan in the family business, so the first publicity from the network, "the Guilin website Rice noodles" online, they do their own, do not have to spend money, then there is propaganda, Post Bar, forum, know, everywhere can see their ads, but flow wandering in the 10-20 every day, even no telephone, let alone to learn! What is the reason? They think no flow, to improve traffic, because at that time my heart has no bottom, so the price excluded, everywhere to see the article, when looking to SEO when the eyes bright, so they began to the website is optimized, the effect is good, the website ranking steadily, traffic gradually increase to about 50IP / day, as if people are greedy, for such traffic they are not satisfied, Of course, the ranking is not very front, in order to be able to row more front, stacking will appear, and soon home page was down right, any keywords home page did not rank. However, every day is about 50 IP for a small amount of learning technology Rice noodles customers, this let them see the hope, no traffic when they do not consider other ways of publicity and promotion on the site, but to restore and improve the site traffic, sh419 is looking for the fastest, so do bidding, immediate, only a few words only, IP70-100 / day, but to spend 50-70 yuan price click charges every day "

we all want to make web sites in order to make money, traffic is very important, but advertising click rate is more important. If your site’s hits increase by one percentage point, it will double the traffic on your site. But if you do not optimize the ad click rate, but to double the flow, it is very difficult. So first advertising optimization to the best, and then do traffic.
the following talk about my experience
my station ad click rate of at least 2.2% up to 3.5%

if the enterprises have not put the network marketing as one of their own sales channels, you can try, if companies have tried, but failed, can let you analyze the reasons described below, a small workshop is how to use the Internet to enhance the profit margins of less than 3000 month to month profit of more than 40 thousand



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