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what is the most profitable industry there is a novice friends to earn a yuan of money, glad to tell him to begin Wangzhuan sesame. Because he thought that the speed is higher, can earn one yuan today, then every day is certainly multiple growth, 10 yuan, 100 yuan to. This is a very impulsive idea, and that’s what makes many friends abandon their choice of new projects after they earn one yuan. So long, they have no income at all.

lead: when money is tight early start, the scientific use of every sum of money for the future, will accumulate more and more wealth; and a multitude of things matters, you need a more efficient office mode, to maximize the use of limited time resources.


2 is too impulsive, lack of basic knowledge about the project,

maybe everyone has a dream of being a boss in his heart. Nguyen, who worked for IT for three years, is planning to open an educational institution in the second tier city’s home town, using the Internet to combine the online and offline, bringing teachers and students together to the same platform. He and his friends together raised 250 thousand yuan of funds, ready to start a business. In close to the company at the same time, Nguyen also confusing 2 problems: how to allocate funds, to spend money wisely? How to connect friends, efficient office

at the school of Qiming, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, is active in a student entrepreneurship team called Dian. Since its inception in 2002, the magic team has won over 100 national patents and has stockpiled 500>

is still should first look at the Wangzhuan, and then decide whether to join, whether to join the good.

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1 networking do not understand the new

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is a novice to blindly follow the footsteps of others, think with success, I could eat some leftovers. >

contact Wangzhuan, must have we had during the ten years of studying the bench perseverance, how to use the Internet to make money any success will not be easy, the couple must avoid:

a new intervention Wangzhuan, perhaps because the start goal is not determined many just targeted by Wangzhuan money, but does not take into account the reality, Wangzhuan is a wide range of match but become, headless flies in Wangzhuan after, so a short time a large number of replacement project today, tomorrow to open shop, open web site, operating cycle of a project or not more than one day, what is more in my heart to think about it. That’s why many beginners, after a few months, not only have no income, but also may consume a lot of money. Finally chose to give up, and said the Wangzhuan is a lie, he cheated a lot of money. Ha ha, also very helpless.

4 lack of innovation, blindly follow the strong man, or pseudo strongman

, take a look at these entrepreneurs at different stages of entrepreneurship, how is a communication software to achieve "zero cost" efficient office?.

1, student entrepreneurship team – 500 students, strong bundled


famous angel investor Wang Xiao mentioned: "China’s entrepreneurial environment involves three factors – people, money, soft atmosphere."." As entrepreneurs, after the formation of good teams, how to save costs and efficient office, I am afraid it is a common problem facing everyone. Although not on the money saved, but for entrepreneurs, when the money is tight early start, the scientific use of every sum of money for the future, will accumulate more and more wealth; and business matters during the period of a multitude of things, you need a more efficient office mode, to maximize the use of Limited time resources.

I personally recommend you, when you control the project, since the beginning of this project feel good, do not rush into. Look into it carefully. It’s better to discuss it with friends and partners. Now that I’ve decided to do it, I have to keep it up for a few months. Before that, a webmaster friend once said a word. I think it’s right. "Any website, as long as it’s hard to keep on doing it for a year, there will always be success."".

project, to understand the project, any Wangzhuan projects are the limits of income to a certain extent will be endless growth. At this time, choose to inherit, do projects, or find ways to break through. Income growth will certainly have to do multiplication, but also to do when adding, but also do subtraction when you must not be too impetuous, good at judging.

After the new

, with Ruan’s problem, has visited more than one entrepreneur and collected money stories and efficient experiences at different stages of entrepreneurship. In the chat, start-up States found that, although each has good ideas, but entrepreneurs who are cost-effective or efficient, have one thing in common – use office. Taxi drops Brand Manager Wang Jiahui said: "before we work in order to maintain rigor and seriousness will use email, MSN to the office, but now dominates everyone’s work and life, and indeed many functions for entrepreneurial team zero cost efficient office needs."

How to make money online after

Oh, this is easily explained, a lot of people to learn some loopholes, has been out of the scope of wangzhuan. But still unremittingly study loopholes, the ultimate reality is continuous Wangzhuan do not understand, let alone do Wangzhuan.

for students’ entrepreneurial team, loose management, teacher led, while studying practice is the main characteristics required for entrepreneurial process equipment, professional knowledge can be obtained from the school’s support and guidance, but the right project opportunities, how will the course time is not a lifestyle, different team members together that communication has become the biggest problem.

3 lacks patience,

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