2 billion 100 million of the valuation of flight stewards in the new board this year second choice


collection for more than a month, sh419 did not included, the heart is shaken, is not this site now can not ah, and then run to find other source see. I am sure you come and go, say I impatient. This I must be, but you can set yourself every day looking at their website did not include no flow, heart repeatedly ask yourself, this site is worth waiting for

flight steward on 3 cities positioning is not the same, Wuhan is a very stable product, technology research and development center, while providing good service. Beijing is responsible for the extension of creative, revenue and business models. Shenzhen serves as the headquarters function, the company registration place manifests. "Through the middle of some running in and repeatedly, in the end focused on Beijing or Wuhan, and now seems to perform their duties, the state is very good."." Wuhan convenient transportation, and human resources have a prerequisite a place off the vault.

recently, Wang Jiang’s flight steward completed 933 million C round of financing, equity investment fund, by the civil aviation air source investment center, Kaiser, HNA aviation, Ningbo Dapeng Kaiser, Jingwei China jointly funded, including civil aviation, as the lead investor of hainan. Civil aviation capital injection, first, in order to take a more market-oriented operation, two is to accumulate more than ten years of resources fully utilized, in order to play their own influence on the industry. You got the money, the flight steward also has what kind of plan? In an interview before the Tencent, Wang Jiang to answer related questions, the key points of the tiger sniffing for a brief.

, as he just said, has no patience. That’s the point of my article.

contact site for 6 years now, but I’m still without any success. I’ve built many websites, movies, novels, forums, downloads, group buying, site navigation, SkyDrive, and so on. I’ve been spending almost 80 thousand dollars for 6 years. See here everyone think I do do very vexed. Yes, I confess. At first, I also read a lot of building experience, and entrepreneurship articles, some writing is very good, very guiding force. But the enemy is not eager to win instant success. Always want to pay now, immediately return.

Wang Jiang said, when financing is not only to raise money, or financial resources, to give investors more room for imagination, but also to ensure that entrepreneurs occupy the leading position in the business of things, this is the main purpose of financing.

ability: the website has a problem, it is not the post to ask for help everywhere, but can solve immediately. You can not be omnipotent code control, but you must be able to understand the basic code of your website. >


"if you believe that this thing has one hundred times the value of existence, why?"

use: part of the system into the company, and the other part is the RMB fund and dollar fund replacement.

is little known, the flight steward is a registered in Shenzhen, headquartered in Beijing, the technology company in Wuhan, the company a total of more than 400 people, more than 300 people are in Wuhan, Beijing has nearly 100 people in the scale.

on the flight steward C round of financing

I’m 07 years

"sell the flight steward, what are we going to do? There’s still a big chance to do that. You have one hundred times nothing to do, sell, and what are you going to do?"


please don’t neglect your abilities or ask employees when you build a website. Please don’t neglect your employees’ abilities.

flight steward parent company vitality Tianhui investment after the valuation of 2 billion 159 million yuan, also means that the King Hing Holdings 2.47% this part of the value reached 53 million 320 thousand yuan.

we often pay attention to their own problems, but will also do a few, I can say that the station hung acquisition sleep at home to do dream of getting rich accounted for eighty percent of the station hung to promote the acquisition, accounted for ten percent of the station please put the content to promote the 9.9. per cent of only zero point one percent people will use their own ability, interpersonal relationship, financial resources to the construction site.

: a sense of this round of financing is the removal of VIE, as for the domestic consumer service consumer brands, eventually return to the domestic capital market, so as to make the financing channels widen, consumer oriented brand awareness has been greatly improved. Flight steward returned to the domestic capital market, not directed at the strategic emerging plate, but the new three board. Wang Jiang pointed out that the new three board more suitable for the flight steward, such enterprises continuous financing needs.

thousands of websites are built every day, but dozens of websites fall every second. There are not many successful websites. Many webmaster complain, stand easy, promotion website difficult. Everything burns money.

here, I’m not talking about site promotion. I only tell a story of my own.

too many articles on how to attract users and traffic, but forget the most important point. It is the value of yourself and your employees.

to tell you the truth, I can represent many personal webmaster. A little money, always think pick up a web site source code, you can open the station to make money. But I did not want to know nothing about the inside of the source code, what the back door what vulnerabilities, sellers that complete, no back door, no loopholes. We take it seriously. Easy to build, difficult to defend. Station built, you want traffic, traffic flow will have to be included in sh419. sh419 was included in the content. One by one, too tired, please add no money. So please spend money to write and collect.

if that really happens, please stop for 3 minutes and read this article. Other great God, rookie can be closed.


would you like to? Wang: do not sell

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