The operation began to explain the English Wangzhuan CPS project two months from zeroStationmaster p

soon, I saw someone selling a navigation station in the A5 forum website trading area, even the domain name space that the price of 100 yuan, IP traffic 4-5 hundreds of people who sell the site every day, sent home what lock plug-in, actually this is what also do not understand, did not think it. The price is good, so I bought it. Do a simple thing to buy website, the website home page top with a Alibaba Amoy search promotion code, and here on the homepage of the Alibaba with a guest channel promotion code, it becomes my site. I this person also belongs to three minutes heat, more lazy kind of person, after the website has done well, basically did not go how to manage, just open website occasionally, see how much browse IP. Due to the first site to do Taobao customer failure blow, to make money also do not have any extravagant hopes, but there is a website management can send down the remaining time. Ten days later, I went into Taobao and opened Taobao’s income account by the way. I found that there was a commission in the income list.

just choose goods in Amazon search, can know a little about this kind of goods, such as what is popular, what the game recently is hot, many comments to know the comment is my main source of the original article Oh, English website must be false original.

because he has PSP, so more concerned about the game. Once you have selected it, you will begin to analyze it in depth.

English Wangzhuan project has been a hot topic in the higher, you might think that there are language barriers, cultural differences, but in view of the fact that many projects do not need too many skills and foreign cultural foundation, is very suitable for Chinese people. Today to introduce their foreign Wangzhuan experience. The first statement, with many friends, just SEO enthusiasts, will use the CMS program, but unfamiliar, before the English website construction experience, can read simple English, can skillfully use Kingsoft, haha. I believe that there are a few people on my foundation. Through the English website SEO do CPS project, two months can have about 50 knives per day income. Less than but more friends built Taobao customers, but the poor harvest, I would recommend that they try.

said it is not afraid of a joke, I can only play the computer level typing, Internet can open the page to see the news, it’s just that. I also wanted to buy a website program, but a question, the price to hundreds of thousands of reluctant. Later in the online video learned web technology, made a single page website no background what, on top of their own choosing high commission promotion goods, a counter on the web, it spread to the Internet, the website is made. A few days later, I didn’t feel right. As I looked at the meter, no one came in except for my own clicks. Later, listen to users say that the site should be publicity to promote, sh419 ranking will rely on. On a windy night, I entered the sh419 bar. In other people’s post, presumptuous with my website name and link post. The second day I looked dumbfounded, sh419, the original sh419 also included a page, a page is not now. "You are K," said the netizen". The first attempt at the station failed.


OK, let me begin my combat experience.

1. do? Start with niche markets and look for niche

basically do not have too many combinations of keywords search, the system will give you recommend a lot of hot goods, more fool type. >


in a week, I’ll pay it down and pay 8-90 yuan. I am interested to greed, and immediately. However, I found a slight change in IP traffic. When I bought a website, I had more than 500 I> a day

niche is a small profitable market competition or representative keywords, did Taobao customers easy to understand. Before also engaged in Taobao guest project, so this is still relatively easy to dig. How to carry it out?. Suggest that you start with your work, or your own Chinese website, familiar with the market.

2. platform and core referral commodity selection

What does



platform selection, I’m not very good, but also to listen to your recommendations, e-book class Clickbank, and CJ are good. There are also many people who do Amazon, similar to Jingdong. I choose Amazon platform, registration is simple, there are many key data and charts by other clear, shlf1314 webpage translation soon.

simple under the sub category, from our daily necessities of life, such as iPod, iPhone, coffee machines, fitness equipment, audio, CD-ROM, games and so on, foreigners have online shopping habits in these areas; interest and occupation, such as sports, football, cycling; soft media, this kind of comparison is recommended, foreigners have copyright a strong sense of music, software, documents, books and so on are used to buy, but also used the Internet to buy. This can be seen through the CJ hot list.

in March 2009, when the Internet to see the introduction of Taobao customers earn commission articles, I am pleased, and I think I finally find a way to make money. Do not purchase Taobao customers not to rent a facade, basically zero cost; not what the investment risk of pressure on myself, do Taobao and guests can make use of spare time, their work now also did many good things ah! Look at the guest list top week income of tens of thousands, can not help but full of excitement., huh I do, one or two years to buy a car. Make a guest website to make money to earn a lot of money,

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