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3, background management updates, optimization is essential.

completed the six aspects can continue to transform website "IP" —- "intention" amount — "consultation" —- "orders", so as to achieve the best effect of network marketing, but also to achieve a personal understanding of network marketing. Of course, this is only one view. For example, every day there are 500 intentions IP, there will be 250 counseling, transaction at least 50 IP number,

to the above summary: network marketing profit model – personal involvement in the Internet based online value chain, create or deliver value and bring their own interests relative fixed activities and processes. Talk about such a few broken truth. At the same time, I welcome friends to exchange learning, common progress, welcome to join the group: 23219444, send new friends, some web source template, indicating that A5 is a friend!

the first job is to do customer service in an e-commerce company, every day to deal with all kinds of customer complaints and problems, the monthly wages of 600 blocks with a little bonus however only seven hundred or eight hundred, but that is not enough, and when the boss for not busy also posted on the Internet to promote products and also according to the percentage of sales staff to me, this month about 1 thousand yuan of income, then work every day will go to Internet cafes to sit two or three hours to send propaganda, because to do better, the boss said to recruit a customer service let me do the sales, but this kind of work a few people love doing, especially just graduated, after all it is a small company with experience did not want to come to this. After 1 years of this, I quit, because I believe there is such a network


6, arrange special period, regular analysis of network marketing effect, according to the effect of the entire marketing link is continuously optimized.

for Internet Wangzhuan, people familiar with, for some people who engage in product marketing more needless to say. But it can’t rule out a lot of misconceptions about Internet marketing. So what is the real network marketing? Personal understanding: real network making money is a subject, need a lot of promotion knowledge, the following from several aspects of understanding, network product promotion for profit:

06 years of college, started looking for a job, because majored in mechanical engineering, major maintenance of CNC machine tool equipment application, and I want the same age as my friends in the north, will certainly understand that in recent years the profession in the city of Shenyang city of heavy industry is a new demand of professional, so people suggested that I reported that professional, affected the family thought, that learning a technology can be used for a lifetime job, sign up, anyway, learning achievement is always better, they also believe that to learn, although I do not love. The results reported in the first day he was dumbfounded at the door of the classroom for a few minutes to go in, because the more than 40 girls I count on four people, four of us lined up into the classroom head and didn’t dare to lift, and the man from a uniform appearance look mostly from around Liaoning rural students, because I come from rural areas, rural children that imperceptible inferiority and sincere is common. You know, my friends probably don’t think I have that local flavor right now. These are some changes in the process of working outside. So the work you do now has little to do with what you learned before. Are later learning and accumulation of their own step by step.

4, increase publicity, you can or can take care of people to promote publicity.

after graduation, because no background what home, not what relatives not to mention what relation to those large factories into the state-owned enterprises hope to zero, home to feel sorry for me, because they know where they don’t love the professional, I spent a full three years, and to find graduation finish no, I just said to them, some do not have to worry about work. Then, while others were excited to do all kinds of styles and thick resumes, I prepared only one page resume, and started looking for various private small companies in the talent market. Now I want to come, it is those individual companies that make my choice and life now.




1, build a product station a physical product website, or an electronic virtual product station.

helps others, that is to help themselves,

5, to develop a set of suitable for their product sales online marketing skills and processes.

usually, our goal of marketing online is to make a profit eventually. Based on the different and actual development of Internet marketing, combined with customer value and value chain. Seize the customer’s psychological consultation, think about what customers need, what is the most important! Actually promotion products online more realistic not what distinction do really from the heart to serve the people, not to earn money, these are personal views, just like the Japanese wine shop attendant, if you get to your hotel you are not your thing you asked for the reception of the hotel, you will still miss anti big box to help you send the car, very polite to tell you goodbye, even if you don’t live in her hotel, attitude is still the same, so marketing is a


2, to make a set for their own product sales network promotion plan, get accurate promotion flow best intention IP.

this article, I would like to write a little longer, I would like to recall their graduation from now on all the way through the experience, including work and understanding of the network to make money, decided to start a business process on the network. Sometimes think back to the past, you can very well remind yourself how to go through the future, what should be done, I think these will also give some beginners a little bit of reference and direction.

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