Personal Adsense professional real estate website how to achieve 300 thousandTeach you how to double

first when your website is not mature and successful do not worry, it is because you haven’t first-hand information, why do you say, because you come to your website to see to see the local information, either online excerpt from the big passage, or with the local a little side information with such sites who love you want to buy a house, estimated it would not come this website to see.

advertising, in fact there is no optimization analysis of consciousness, nor on the user access to information, but according to the original web page template layout, appropriate advertisement code added. The first time the optimization is also very simple, just according to the statistical data of custom advertising channels, will click on the low rate of ads, such as "Top 60 468× advertising unit, page templates right 160× 600 skyscraper ad unit, and 728& times; 90 banners placed to the main navigation bar below Web page.

There is a famous saying "money to make the dark

like network, to pay some money to open" is to let visitors see, some of the money is to let visitors see. Specific procedures and we say, in order to have friends in the real estate network, and ready to do local real estate network friends sign.

if you already have shlf1314 Adsense publishers, background login account can see every month from the beginning of the shlf1314 Adsense transmission optimization recommendations such as the "September 2007 optimization report", these recommendations are sent after the automatic diagnosis system, may not be specific or targeted is not strong enough, if you want your web site to get more high income, also need to understand the shlf1314 adsens advertising planning policy and more optimization advice. In the shlf1314 Adsense online support page provides considerable content can refer to, based on their own experience to optimize personal website shlf1314 Advertising, shlf1314 Advertising optimization to introduce some experience, I hope to help the webmaster.

why is my website advertising hit rate of only 0.5%?

The first batch of

but the question is coming again. Why did the developer give you the information when you didn’t know it?

came into contact with web design later, using 163 free space all day to do some simple web pages, the kind of stars floating in the sky, now looks very stupid. Pull far, or my real estate Internet cafes, to save everyone say I am title party, I have done three years of real estate network. 05 years started two years ago, basically took the family to pay the tuition, what also don’t understand. Take a lot of detours, in the middle do not know how to communicate with developers and contacts, but also do not know what the real estate is in the end, the first two years, basically all learning experience. It was instant noodles every day. Later saw the group purchase Tinghuo, so in the last year we began to organize the group purchase, and develop a new idea of "the new premises when the second-hand housing to sell", a year’s time, the amount of information we have coming up, traffic is coming up, then like the "heavyweight" inside said, home then came. Developers advertising, or talk about. Ha ha, light so far this year, with our developers have reached more than 20, some are dominant, and some are recessive.

started in his first few months on the shlf1314 Adsense website content related advertising, pay attention to the average click rate is about 0.5%, some even as low as 0.1% channels, at first did not think, think that this text ad click rate is not high is a normal phenomenon. A chance to see an introduction to shlf1314 adesense successful case, the ad click rate is 1.5%, this is the first time for your website advertising model has generated the "optimization" idea.

after these changes, in a very short period of time, the average ad hits >

online marketing new observation site from the end of October 2004 shlf1314 Adsense announced support for Chinese website began to apply for shlf1314 publishers, but in the early AD click rate is very low, usually only about 0.5%, in 1 years time, after three times of optimization, the current advertising click rate reached 3% on average, click Adsense wide to the commission income from the initial monthly $more than 30 increase to the current more than $2000 including later provided shlf1314 product promotion revenue. The effect is, of course, because the number of visits to the site is growing, but the optimization of website advertising is still playing a decisive role.

is now the most heat is what? What is the future can continue to heat it? Of course is the real estate, with the city Chinese process more and more quickly, more and more widely, the real estate industry at present and in the future for a long period of time will be in the national economy most of us one of the big concern.

but as a real estate portal of emerging media, along with the development of this trend, more and more attention by people, more and more people are using the Internet to view communication, learning. As a reference to their home. Similarly, I am no exception.

02 years of contact with the network, now has eight years of time, not the old users, can also be regarded as old rookie. Contact from the beginning was deeply attracted by it, from the beginning of the Internet all day to beauty, to later learn their registered mail, and Internet chat rooms, it was quite fire ah, now the new rookie estimates may not be clear about the network chat room, when is not too fire.

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