2010 mobile games will be explosive growth small and medium sized sites facing opportunities

with the arrival of the 3G era, mobile users will continue to grow at a high speed. Known as the mobile Internet next "gold mine" mobile games, the relevant research institutions, operators and other industrial chain, the focus of attention of the media. Mobile phone game is one of the important mobile value-added services, mobile phone game China prospects by many people in the industry and good institutions also have a reason. "Mobile game is one of the most successful applications of mobile Internet at present. The maturity of 3G technology provides the basic guarantee for the sustained and rapid development of domestic mobile game industry in the coming years." In January 12th, sponsored by the first mobile phone game portal of d.cn fourth Chinese mobile phone game forum, mobile phone game payments, occupy the market share of nearly 90% independent third party payment platform, vice president of Epro chenru says more than. A variety of data and signs show that the future of the domestic mobile game industry, will be accompanied by the development of 3G and mobile electronic payment platform, showing an explosive growth period.

mobile phone game has been one of the important mobile value-added services, on the Internet, the game is the most money with the user stickiness business, in the mobile Internet era is no exception, mobile phone games will undoubtedly become the mobile value-added service in the "flash point" and resources. In the mobile value-added services used by Chinese mobile phone users in 2007, mobile game usage was 52%, second only to SMS (62.9%) and ringtone / picture download business (61.9%). In 2008, the global mobile game market reached $5 billion 400 million, an increase of 22.7%. Mobile phone game market revenue scale of 1 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 75.22%. The size of 08 years Chinese mobile phone game market reached 1 billion 365 million yuan, mobile phone games, the number of active users reached 6 million 980 thousand, of which mobile phone users accounted for the overall proportion of the mobile phone game users have been close to 40%, the scale of 2 million 800 thousand households, has appeared online at the same time scale of tens of thousands of mobile phone online games. By 2009, China’s mobile gaming market had reached 520 million yuan in the second quarter, an increase of 39.5% compared with the previous quarter. Some experts predict, "with the promotion of 3G, the next 3 years, mobile games will be explosive growth, this growth is an increase in magnitude, at least 10 times the size of the present."."

mobile phone game is not only the development of fast, the potential is huge, the foreign mobile phone market development early, the huge size of the market, while the domestic market of mobile phone game although the pace of development continued to soar, but the market base is small, compared to overseas mobile phone game development is still a big gap between. But the gap is great, and the market potential is huge. There is a huge "gold mine" in our mobile phone market, waiting for us to dig. In addition, the mobile phone manufacturers and operators in the industry also have to layout the mobile phone game market. Leading enterprises NOKIA, apple, Shanda, Dexin, electronic arts and other fields have launched mobile phone game business, air network, music and other fish mobile Internet enterprises through strengthening technology research and development, the integration of high quality resources, expand market channels and other measures to consolidate its leader in the field of mobile phone game >

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