Talking about the survival of the game community

Hello, this is a small station, before he operated a gaming community, this forum a few years there, along the way can be said to be more difficult, it is also a game enthusiasts, the game is not in the minority. Now, 80, 90 young people have more or less contact with the game, but is a stand-alone game or online game, there are always a few games to become their favorite. Before I do in the gaming community decided to seriously look at several famous game forum, after all, to a good operator forum is still very difficult, not to mention I just personal webmaster, but decided it must unremittingly to do so, IP this game every day the community is now, want to share the operation process the sour, sweet, bitter, hot today, in fact, experience what is not. Of course, it would be better to enlighten you.

first: community just on-line, how to attract users registered member

This game community

the just on the line didn’t know a few people, not to mention the registered members, because I usually add some game exchange group, also insisted in the group and group communication, the mix is ripe, so my first time is the gaming community recommended to my friends. The way to let them see what place, or where to modify. So many friends began to registered forum members, in fact, is the use of a little network connections to their own, when playing the game will make friends far apart from each other. I also go to the other game forum registered members to make more friends, and make some friends to play games recommended by their friends to registered members, of course, the initial forum is the most important content, so we must have to encourage the post, but his money is very limited, not to give members a little better, the new forum like this is difficult for others to post, so I send you some game currency, as well as some of the props in the game. At the very least, the game currency can be obtained in the game without having to spend a lot of money.

second: how to save costs, recruited to community management

a few months after the game the community IP was stable, although not many registered members, membership but basically on the line every day is stable, I want to stabilize this part of the user, at least not to let them out of the forum. The next step is to set up a community management team, specifically is to find some moderators and administrators, this game I have many forum plates, each plate is a name, for example: Denon eight senior game player in this sector, then I have to find a Denon eight game, not difficult to find such a user key is the problem of capital. Never let others work, I early basically is to find some friends to help them to the game, game currency or equipment, because they are friends, plus these friends are fans of the game is also very happy to do so, the moderator of the forum. It saved me a lot of fees for recruiting moderators, of course, I thank them very much.


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