Website data backup in time unexpected accident be prepared for danger

in July 20th, his game lightning site in PMA, the operation of the database drowsily to set up their own website data more than half of all to deleted, because of their previous lazy, not every backup data, not a month backup data once at the time of their own with a variety of N hard disk reducing software no, that kind of feeling like a lost lover sad ah, in many members and moderators of encouragement, let oneself website re established, the data of the re establishment of many members can understand, in July 25th to open a station to now has more than 5000 members, a daily average of 300 people online, according to the statistical data the site visits, even greater than the loss of data before increased a lot, so they have been a rebirth of the momentum, but lost the previous many important data, hope that all Webmaster friends on their website data must be regularly backup every day,


after the birth of the backup site to their data, with a very earth way, using the WINRAR batch backup function, hoping to give some friends can use.

my server configuration is windows2003+IIS+PHP+MYSQL5

first, the server needs to install a WINRAR, set up a batch processing file (gamefxp.bat) in the WINRAR installation directory, the content is:


, net, stop, iisadmin, /y

net stop mysql

, WinRAR, a, -ag-YY.MM.DD, d:bakgamefxpgamefxpdata, D:mysqldatagamefxpdata

net start mysql

net start w3svc

then in your control panel task plan to pick a time to run this batch file, this batch is to stop their own website to backup MYSQL database, which is the first stop IIS service consciousness, then the MYSQL server, and then run the WINRAR backup according to the present time, this is to say "d:bakgamefxpgamefxpdata" your backup store address, "D:mysqldatagamefxpdata" represents the data stored in the address you. Finally, the backup files are displayed in the d:bakgamefxpgamefxpdata directory, and batch backups automatically restart IIS and MYSQL.

this method although very good soil, but very practical, hope webmaster friend can backup backup.

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