Rice and vegetable roll analysis of PPC hospital network marketing strategy

this article is not aimed at large hospitals in the national market, mainly for hospitals with regional markets. Because the majority of domestic local hospital network marketing have forgotten the regional problems, in fact the local hospital in the province to promote up as long as you can, because patients are basically the province and even the city will account for more than 60%, so the regional marketing and promotion of local is especially important. So, in the hospital network marketing, PPC launch is an essential project, why do you say so, because search engines bring a direct target, patients or potential patients?. Often when we do PPC, we will ignore statistics and analysis, and ignore some details, so we can’t make ends meet at the end.

today, I will tell you something about me to do something about the strategy of PPC hospital in the network marketing and some methods, its core is surrounded by the statistics and analysis of data, so I said that a bidding statistics analysis. Well, the following are some of the following aspects of PPC policy that are worth our analysis:

What is the daily budget for

1.? How much is the monthly budget and how to allocate these budgets by the time?.

2., Baidu bidding mainly choose keywords business, Google main choice theme promotion business. Why do you say that,


first Baidu keywords business choice I think we do stand knows, traffic is mostly from Baidu, do Chinese station traffic from Google are generally small, so it is a good choice in this Baidu keyword. The second is to promote the theme of why choose Google, because we do want to make GG station advertising, so GG alliance site is very large, then we all know that few people cheat on GG ads, because the probability of cheating K number is relatively large.

3. each week by 51la or cnzz plus business for this kind of consulting software and statistical keyword antecedents, so it is easy to calculate the conversion rate of real per month.

According to the statistics of

4. to consult the view of software flow time, select the time period for the correct amount.

5. in keyword position, the general choice of the middle can be, for example, a total of five bidding, placed in two or three place on the good, and do not have to blindly pursue the first.

6., if the bidding keywords more, should choose those keywords higher website for the main optimization keywords.

7. use common bidding keywords to cooperate with SEOER choose long tail keywords, so as to achieve the role of mutual coordination.

all of the above is I in the hospital network marketing in about PPC some experience, the specific operation method may be different, but probably thinking is like this, also welcomed the peer to my hospital marketing [group number 84>

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