How to make pseudo original true original

as a webmaster, everyone knows the search engine attaches great importance to the original web site content, so the website content continue to add original or false original article is the process of a successful website must experience, but even for literary good webmaster, every day with a few original article is very headache thing, then only to the online collection of some articles to do false original, but specific to how to put one or several articles become really original. Now let me tell you how I asked for the article,

1, first is the title, the title of the length of not more than 18 words, can not be less than 12 words, title requirements are original, clean and beautiful, can fully summarize the full text. If the title can not do the original, then do not look below. Warning: it’s better to search the search engine before you specify the title.

2, the first paragraph of the text is very important, basically can not have the same rate with more than 20% of the original text, in fact, this is best to write their own beginning.

3, the image in this article to download and upload, can not have the watermark in the picture, the picture can’t connect with outside, source code shows the article in the ALT logo on the title, avoid pictures of ALT attributes to the search engines.

4, the other paragraph to join and repeat the core keywords two to three times, to cut, add sentences, change sentence order, edit, and the original picture and text the same rate can not be greater than 50%.

5, graphic information is best source of similar weight high web site, requiring the content of the past few days, may not issue expired useless information.

look at these pseudo original requirements, whether the content of their website to add some enlightenment, and think about it, we are learning, progress in the exploration.

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