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in the media industry, outsiders say "vigorous new media revolution", in the individual experience is very difficult to have very strong performance. Everything seems to happen very naturally, after a period of time after looking back, only to find a big difference.

the Internet the day before yesterday to check news, see Tencent news home page and revised. "Starting in July last year at the beginning of the whole year technology blog" revision after the pilot, the Tencent definitely seems to the revision of the effect, the science channel and the sports channel is extended to the entire portal.

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under the impact of mobile Internet media industry, changes the t-miao on the stage of various types of media are very concerned because we all reflect earn good money, the contrary is the business model there is a problem. In this case, the media should deal with several things: strengthen content, emphasize uniqueness, strengthen technology, emphasize individuality, strengthen sociality and emphasize stickiness. But in form, the news portal’s revision also diligently pursues the user custom change, but also reflects the industry vicissitude.

from the Tencent to the last revision revision this year, science and technology of the home page, the biggest change is: the number of visual news greatly reduced, a single topic get more resources, from the main map, a topic related to the abstract, is a small topic. This adaptation is now a large number of information overload, users of supermarket portal antagonistic psychology reality. I used to have a list of the world’s most ugly page, several major portals China are on the list (first name is who would not have said, can see now). One of the major features of ugliness is the length of the page. Assuming that the mouse wheel rolls one week, just to scroll the page, most portals have to scroll at least 15 times before they can scroll up and down.

but this obvious ugliness has been around for more than 10 years. The portal to do their own is the information industry, should know that there is no beauty home how they not enjoy popular support, not money, why not find art into a glamorous and elegant home good to hear or see? A portal executive told me: because the Internet traffic is king, intensive links, long this page set the conversion of UV to PV, with a highest efficiency without technology to people of color words, single user points to open the link is the highest, so this page flow of the highest conversion efficiency. And for advertising for the portal, traffic is cash income, that is lifeline. On the other hand, long pages also help to put more advertisements.

in the revision of "the big picture, the short, open and clear page", the visual effect is certainly improved, but the resulting advertising number reduced, will not lead to commercial income affected? T-miao previously interviewed editor Chen Juhong, this time finishing a few problems, continue to look for her exchange about.

Chen Juhong first confirmed in quantity that the home page is shorter". In the past, Tencent news home page has 21 screens, revision >

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