nnovative thinking in black hat technique

there is a saying: the cat catches mice is a good cat. Although the intelligent search engine more and more high level, but after all, or a machine, is the so-called "one foot in mind, heimao techniques have not gone away. Here, the author does not encourage everyone to do heimao, only from a technical and ideological analysis of a case, we hope to inspire.


case is as follows:


first of all, we should make clear that the core value of heimaoSEO lies in: low cost investment, quick return and quick profit. Next, take a look at the following case is how to start from this point of value, innovative, interested friends can also open the web site in advance to analyze.

the site keywords rank:


we can see that the station is not long on line and not many articles, but its ranking is very good. Some people may say: "it is only a little more anchor text outside the chain only, with point mass software on the line, the normal" heimao "technique is not so?


is clearly not like surface looks so simple, I want to be careful friends should have found clues, yes, we see the web page is an illusion, but the body is a hidden WordPress blog, specific implementation methods are three:


, JS calls, and iframe tags present the main home page to the user visited;

two, Web ontology, body content is hidden in display style;

three, a large number of heilian, mass anchor text chain;

shows that its purpose is very clear, that is, cited flow, while minimizing the "cost input."". We know that the search engine is not read JS and iframe content (probably can be read, but at least it is not willing to read this part, especially, the double nested) would not affect the weight of the main station, even if is lidaitaojiang ending the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked.

WordPress a simple procedure, search engine friendly, because the blog page is hidden, do not consider the appearance of the problem, save it and art procedures, thereby reducing the construction time and capital investment, essentially heimaoSEO the core value of "low cost" to the extreme.

, which has been in the rankings for more than 2 months, is still alive and gives us some other insights, such as

1, search engines in the identification of heilian, mass, or need a period of time;

2, yes

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