How does Baidu snapshot update from two weeks to 24 hours

we all know, now most of the sites are on the Baidu website in Baidu’s survival, weight, determines the fate of the site, and the owners of the pockets, today is to talk about the station recently from Baidu snapshot two updated once a week, do 24 hours of snapshot, add new content within 2 hours of collection experience, I do not understand SEO only recently often see some articles, know some fur, so please don’t laugh at me a lot of advice SEO master, 3Q.

In fact, these

today to say is nothing but a commonplace talk of an old scholar, these small things, a lot of people can not insist that these people think these are old things, now do not work, today I put my total node recently experienced, I want to emphasize here details determine success or failure, insist to be successful, the weight of Baidu not because you do one or two things will give you very high, to every detail well, integrated Baidu’s favor, in order to obtain a higher weight.

first, the choice of the site environment. Independent server is the best, why? Because it is expensive? NO! Because the independent server is independent of the IP, we usually do not pay attention to it, but in Baidu’s eyes, IP is very important, you have a separate IP, even if it is just on the line of the new sites, Baidu will put your site with the garbage stand a distinction, secondly, if the other sites with IP in cheating by K, or Baidu down the right, it will make your site affected, this may be Baidu in the Empire like jiuzu. Of course, the independent server requires a small amount of overhead, has just launched a new station is not the case of earnings, it’s difficult, can not only select the virtual host, in the space must find the credibility of the host, and in the purchase of space before the first hello IP, then check the same IP what are inside the site, then one by one to check whether the site is down right or be K, you must think this is too troublesome, too tired, but before a building must have laid a good foundation, otherwise the half built the foundation of instability, and the reconstruction more trouble, loss is greater (some people say, virtual host, independent nets IP Oh, it is not a standalone server than cheap, traffic restrictions are dead), my station used the flat-share space heroes, heroes. Known not to say that space performance is also very good, fast speed, good effect, good customer service, can be said is above that point, I couldn’t be bothered to do, later found on the server with a station by Baidu K, and has yet to be released, so that my net station on the line the first half of the year, no matter how hard I tried, the snapshot is always two weeks, new content within 3 days don’t want not included. It’s been delayed for half a year, eh?. There is a total) to see how much the IP on this site, if you don’t choose too much, it is difficult to guarantee the stability, when selecting a server or space, performance and stability is very important, even if the above all do, one day a server crash, two days off the line, it is on Baidu is not.

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