How do you earn your first pot of gold on the nternet

according to statistics, now more and more people start online business, since the outbreak of the financial crisis, Taobao a year to solve the employment problem of 570 thousand people!


what does that mean,


it is clear that the current online entrepreneurship has become a trend, a benign phenomenon. And we are going to take this opportunity to make good use of it.

first you must learn what is higher. The advantages and disadvantages of making money online are all basic. If you don’t know anything, it’s neither possible nor impossible to make a fool of yourself on the Internet at first. Now the Internet popular how to make money on the Internet, has been an open secret, is to do a web site, according to a reliable understanding of the world is now born every year about 25 million of the site. What does that mean? Making a website is already a potential project to make money on the internet.

perhaps a lot of friends say to do website, that is the person that does webpage development to do, I do not meet very much. Well, I tell you, I’m not going to learn a little bit of the foundation, and I don’t even need to ask anyone to design a web page. Now there are existing web apps on the web, just a little modification. In addition to these, you’ll need a space to store your web site files, such as a new cloud, an easy website, a domain name address, such as the world wide web, new web, etc.. If you have these, a website can basically be built. But a lot of network fraud, how to choose a good website, I recommend that you first search in the network, or to find a free space or two level domain name to try a lot of free space are not for the record can not bind the top-level domain name space, then my friend told me that one can not bind the space of all, I remember like 59ai1. COM, the speed seems OK, and there are many other free resource stations.

in addition to the most important of these is perseverance, have their own space to buy a top-level domain, to do some of the best garbage station is CN cheap and affordable for a year, you can change a domain name, you can go to the new network and network application, the application after you can start to do one your own personal station, the station you will slowly be a source of income, I mean your website if there is a traffic flow, come from? I can tell you the flow is not a day to come, this is the key to what many people have their own website with the domain name is not to earn money? Because his website does not flow and why not flow? Because he did not have the spirit of a unremittingly publicity, garbage station at the beginning is impossible to have a natural flow Quantitative. You need to go to the forums or blogs and get lots of posts to earn traffic. Of course, this requires perseverance, and to sum up the phrase "patience.". If you have all the above conditions, there is no willpower is nothing to do, let alone earn your first pot of gold.

last hope everyone in their own way Everything is going smoothly. Wangzhuan, earn is >

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