There are three potential threats to the nternet We can’t control what we want to delete


, chairman of Google’s, told the national news Foundation awards dinner in March 22nd that the Internet was not a utopia". He cited three potential threats to the Internet, namely, hackers and criminals, the "no delete button" that led to the disclosure of personal privacy, and the Internet censorship system. But in my view, these three threats are, in the final analysis, a threat: we can’t control what we want to delete.

some of the information, we have been exposed on the Internet, but after some time, we do not want this information still exists, but greatly small forward, reproduced, screenshots, has made us unable to delete this information independently. Our credit card transaction records: Well, we have indeed — but we also cannot decide to give it away, so you can take advantage of hackers and cyber criminals. After all, the Internet crime is not steal information? On the other hand, the software has been secretly took over some of the right to delete, such as without our permission, some "our" information has been deleted.

With the development of

information technology, the "save" thing is so easy. There is no media device that can save all kinds of information as computer does. But the question is, do we need to save it,


Microsoft once had a software, called Microsoft Money, which is actually an accounting software, which allows you to record every day’s revenue and expenditure, and output your spending habits. I used this software and had to be surprised at some of my spending habits. I didn’t know, actually, that I spent a lot of money on taxis. Well, it seems that this software is very good and very helpful for financial management. But a small inconvenience is that every expenditure situation requires me to manually input, and over time, I am too lazy to fiddle with this software. The interesting result is that I don’t have any signs of personal financial deterioration.

of course, I don’t rule out that some people do have bookkeeping habits, but Microsoft Money doesn’t seem to be a well known software – at least it’s totally out of touch with Microsoft’s reputation. The software didn’t sell well, partly to prove that the demand for such software was less than desired. Technology is always as accurate as possible, but human life is sometimes blurred, in fact, the loss is not huge, but accurate and preserved the result is: once used illegally, the loss is much more than your income.

the question is whether you can control the deletion. The first time I use the Money software, the Internet is far less popular (at least not popular in Chinese), I can also delete all the records in the software, and no fear that Microsoft is not secretly in the era of data – poor dial-up Internet, EEG is mostly in a moment of Offline. As long as the data stays in the local and I can control it, the disadvantages of this software are also very great

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