Talking about website development from designer’s point of view

company has developed a new system, but the interface does not look too friendly, this is my job, in the face of the N interface design, N page finishing with offal, a lot of planning and user experience of things, really a headache, it is already done, simple summary under the bar.

site designers in the development process

1, preparation stage: view and familiar with system related documents, workflow, system of facing the object, user experience have a general grasp and understanding, not the design of a dead end, form their own opinions, to quantify the design workload, determine the relevant personnel in the.

2, facilities stage: design system core pages landscaping, specification page layout and structure show, standard CSS code, participation and guidance of Zhuhai website development program developed by the project team must be strictly in accordance with the standard operation, otherwise the final project will be very messy.

3, BUG check: very careful inspection, background transparency, pop-up size, and compatibility of different browser versions, manually adjust each detail to remedy.

most programmers just to achieve its function, the details of the system and the user experience is not to grasp, not when the dust settles to think about this question, we must standardize the development of the document before operation, standardized design documents, in strict accordance with the standards of operation, to avoid duplication of work, to avoid the dead.

designers play an important role in website development:

1. Designers must be involved in website development.


user experience are the two aspects of design from the page design and function to quantify, and page design and function, the website development is an organic whole, can not distinguish between, in this case, the designer can not assume the design work, but also must be taken into account in planning, content layout and writing the work, even in many small IT company, will be doing before the program to allow the designer to design, according to the program to develop web sites by see, the importance of designers in website development.

two, the importance of development specifications

In the usual

website development, function need to rework is relatively small, but the site design is very big, always changing, in fact, as a result of this Scripture that has no more than three

A does not operate according to the project management process.

, B, project managers lack of structure, failed to assign work

, C, website development, project management did not follow the corresponding design specifications and development specifications to organize workflow

unfortunately, we rarely do so in our usual development, basically at cost or from a project size point of view.

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